We believe getaways are an essential part of wellbeing. They restore creativity, deepen relationships, and ease our minds.

You should always have one to look forward to, stress-free.

Why We're Here

For those who believe life is a balance between working hard to make your mark and making time to step away, refresh, be inspired and connect more deeply...

We want you to help you be present wherever you are. While you’re busy building your dreams, we’re working to plan your next getaway. When you're away, we give you everything you need to make the most of it.

Pool Rules


The little moments add up. They inspire us and leave us feeling refreshed. Be intentional with your time.

no yelping during sunset

Being prepared helps us make the most of our time off, relieving FOMO and making room for spontaneity

no cursing at your phone

Thoughtful applications of tech should enhance life and its experiences - not complicate them.

The Founders

Between us, we've visited all 50 states and 6 continents, launched products,
written code used by billions, patented new technologies and eaten A LOT of tacos.

West ASkew

Co-founder, CEO


Co-founder, Product


Co-founder, Software

Start making the most of your time away.

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