Introducing: Covered by Thatch

Learn about the story - and mission - behind our blog.
Abby West
COO & Founder

Editor's Note: This piece was originally sent via email to our newsletter readers on Monday, April 6.

The homebound, cozied-up lifestyle we've adopted over these last few weeks has gotten us into a reflective mood. We're reflecting on the last places we traveled - places that used to feel like a just quick drive or plane ride away. We're reflecting on trips that we won't get to take this year - to see friends get married, to celebrate a birthday, or to spend time with family. And we're reflecting on where we'll travel next, why we'll do it, and what the really important bits are that matter the most when we're finally able to leave home.

At Thatch, we've always viewed travel as something more than just a checklist of countries to be marked off. We relish the chance to get to know a new destination, not as a conquest, but as an opportunity to get beyond its landmarks and actually under the skin of a place. And we've always known that a weekend spent a few hours outside our hometown could be as revitalizing as a trip abroad. Now more than ever, we're savoring the time we've spent admiring the narrow, twisted streets of an old world city, happening on a cute sidewalk cafe, popping into a neighborhood shop or sitting down for a meal surrounded by the quiet chatter of strangers.

As we found ourselves sitting with these reflections, we felt stories bubbling to the surface, and we recognized that we have a unique opportunity - a quiet moment - to build something that we've wanted to create since we started our company: a space to share those stories, the imagery of places we've been and those we want to visit, the under-the-skin understanding that we've gathered about places, our hard-earned travel knowledge.

So today, we're launching Covered by Thatch, our blog, as a place to house all those nuggets. You can read about our EC Chelsea's reflections on her second visit to Campania, the region of Italy that her family is from - and how her relationship to it has evolved with subsequent visits. You can transport yourself to Westside in sunny Santa Cruz, with a set of stops crafted to perfectly fill a day's visit there. Or, if you're determined to keep planning your next trip, so that you're ready to push the button as soon as this pandemic eases, read our top tips for travel planning that we've honed over our years of planning trips for others.

Is there a place you'd like to explore, a topic you'd like to hear more about, or a piece you particularly enjoyed? Let us know at

And of course, many of these pieces have accompanying Instagram stories that share an even more visual journey - make sure you're following along at

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