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Head of Marketing

Full Time
San Francisco
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We’re looking for an experienced marketer to define and lead the overall marketing, comms and brand strategy for Thatch, across all properties.

Areas of focus will include positioning, partnerships, distribution strategy, PR strategy and management, development and maintenance of brand voice, social strategy, in-person events, and more. You'll be responsible for growing awareness about the brand, as well as working closely with CEO and COO to hit growth numbers.

As our CMO and first marketing hire, you will be responsible for defining our overall strategy, as well as tackling initial implementation and building out the marketing team. We're looking for creative operators who can start scrappy, and grow with us as our brand, resources, and market share grows. We have a unique story to tell and offer a new option in the market - we're looking for someone who can tell that story creatively and find unique ways to connect with our core audience across any and all platforms.

  • User acquisition/lead gen lead. Help the company grow through direct acquisition of customers as well as generating leads through channels such as search engine marketing (SEM/paid), search engine optimization (SEO/unpaid), social (paid and unpaid), and content advertising.
  • Marketing communications: Define and lead the company and executive narratives, work with media, through conferences, and other avenues to raise awareness and understanding. Evaluate the effectiveness of offline and native advertising as well
  • Brand positioning: Lead the development of a clearly defined brand. This includes positioning the brand relative to its competitive set as well as maintaining and updating it based on market traction, customer feedback, desired differentiation etc.
  • Business Development: Work closely with CEO and COO to drive user growth, awareness, and or monetization through strategic partnerships
  • Retention and Engagement: Work closely with the CEO and COO to achieve retention/engagement goals through activities like email and in-app messaging to follow up with and incentivize users, as well as re-targeting campaigns.
  • Creative: work closely with the product and design teams to translate the brand positioning into advertisements, collateral, web design, and even the user interface/ user experience of the product.
  • Research/analytics: Work closely with the CEO and COO to develop informed points of view on non-financial but critical measures of performance, such as: brand awareness, target users, competitive positioning, etc.

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Thatch is a new kind of travel service born out of our own frustrations with the stressful, time-consuming process we've all been through to make even a small getaway happen. The company was founded in 2018 to rethink the entire experience from the ground up. With our easy-to-use app and network of talented and friendly experience creators, our members make all their trips happen effortlessly and proactively. From overnight escapes to long weekends and big international vacations, Thatch looks at your trips throughout the year holistically and takes the stress out of researching, planning and booking each one - maximizing your valuable time away.

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