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Eva Rios
Lives in Barcelona, España
If you love exploring beyond your comfort zone, you are adventurous and you enjoy immersing yourself to other cultures and adapting to different environments, without prejudices, and with open mind, you just found a like minded person, me! It's few years ago since I have a nomad lifestyle, and I lived in different places like Norway, Canada, Tanzania, Dubai, Iceland and more yet to come! I also did volunteering in Ethiopia, and currently I'm giving support to the NGO I worked with. After having lived in all these places, I got a very local perspective and to share my knowledge, experiences and advice about each of the destinations to others, is something that I love doing. Hopefully, getting to inspire somebody to step out of their comfort zone, too! In addition to that, I have been always working in the tourism industry in places like Iceland, Northern Norway and Tanzania. So I feel fully empowered to give the best tips and guides to those who want to explore the places I've been to. I also got fully immersed into the country and its lifestyle while living in Montréal (Canada) and Dubai, travelling around Sri Lanka and volunteering in the countryside of Ethiopia, where I lived, too. I'm really excited for what’s next, lot of volunteering experiences, new places and adventure and, at this point in my life, is where I decide to create my own Travel Blog, this one you just found! Follow my journey on my Instagram @evarios14, and don't hesitate to reach me out! I'm always open to meet new people, share dreams and goals and keep travelling the world in an authentic, spontaneous and immersive way while living nomad volunteering, working or travelling solo or with like minded people around the world! I really believe that as long as we have the basic needs covered, it's never a matter of luck, age or money to start travelling the world, live unique experiences, and feel free. It's a matter of decisions, priorities and braveness, instead!
Adventure • Outdoors • Backpacker • Female Solo • Photography • Van Life • Budget • Camping • Road Trip • Sustainable/Eco • Slow Travel • Digital Nomads
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Josefina Ginevra
Lives in Geneva, Suiza
Hello, I'm Josefina, an Argentinian now living in Geneva, Switzerland (fun fact: my last name is Ginevra, which is the translation to Geneva in Italian). My journey from a career in psychology to becoming a travel planner has been quite an adventure, just like the trips I craft. When I relocated to Geneva with my husband, I faced the challenge of finding a job in a new country with a different language. This shift in my life opened the door to another passion of mine: travel. Throughout my time in Europe, I've explored well-known destinations and uncovered hidden gems, many of which are right here in this beautiful country I now call home. Travel has always held a special place in my heart. Even as a teenager, I enjoyed creating travel plans, but I never realized it could become more than just a hobby. It was the feedback from my trips with family and friends that inspired me. They marveled at how well everything was organized, from hotel choices to dining experiences and the unique places we visited. Their encouragement led me to consider a career in travel planning, but I wasn't sure how to make it happen until I discovered this platform. Thanks to Thatch, I'm now pursuing my dreams by crafting comprehensive guides and itineraries and offering my services as a travel planner. I invite you to explore my guides and see how I work. If you ever desire a personalized Eurotrip plan, don't hesitate to reach out. I'll plan your journey as if it were my own, taking into account your preferences, budget, and needs. Let's transform your travel dreams into reality!
Adventure • Outdoors • Foodie • People & Culture • Road Trip • Relaxation • Budget • Coffee • History • Romantic • Car-free • Couples • Digital Nomads • Family • Groups • Female Solo • 50+
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Chara Kalemaki
Lives in Heraklion, Greece
For me, travelling is about walking the same cobblestones as the people before us and the locals beside us. It's about feeling, tasting and breathing the local culture - dancing to its rhythm. So, if you're captivated by art, culture, history, great food and hidden gems—you've landed in the right place! Here, you'll find rich narratives and guides that breathe life into: 💡 Authentic local experiences, away from the tourist traps ✈️ Personalised itineraries you can actually use 🍲 Local Foodie Gems (No chain restaurants, I promise!) ⛪ Must-see Art and Historic Sites 🛍️ Shops I love, local Products and souvenirs you should bring home with you. A Bit About Me: 📍 Hometown: Born and bred on the stunning island of Crete, Greece 🌆 Current Residence: Heraklion, Crete, where I also work remotely for a UK company 🎓 Education: A degree in Cultural Technology and Communications and a Master's in Strategic Digital Marketing 🌍 Global Footprint: Lived in the UK for 5 years and explored cities in Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and France! 📚 Interests: A keen interest in books, modern art, delicious food, and, yes, a dash of fashion! Let's experience the world together!
Foodie • Photography • Sustainable/Eco • Budget • Slow Travel • Romantic • Art • Architecture • People & Culture • History • Boutique • Outdoors • Car-free • Couples • Digital Nomads • Family • Groups • Female Solo • Business
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Adventure with Anna
Lives in Rochester, NY, USA
Hi! I am Anna a Rochester, NY based travel planner. I am here to help you with every step of your next vacation. I can help you plan a luxury vacation without that luxury price tag! I work full time as a Events Coordinator and am incredibly passionate about planning and travel. I want to see as many countries and cities as I can and hope to help you get away too. My passion for travel began in 2019 when I lived abroad in Florence, Italy for a year. Because of this experience, I have since been to 19 countries and visited many cities in them! My favorite will always be Florence, but Copenhagen, Denmark and Ljubljana, Slovenia are close seconds! I specialize in travels to Italy, UK, France and love to plan trips to smaller, less traveled countries and cities! Outside of travel and my day job I love to read (anything fantasy) and I spend time cooking and working out with my boyfriend. I am also an avid plant enthusiast and have over 80 plants in my 2 bedroom apartment (much to the dismay of my boyfriend). In the past 3 years I have booked several vacations for clients. The two I consider my greatest achievements were both international adventures. One was for 40 days, 4 people across 9 countries. This trip cost each person less than $6,000 each and they got to experience so many different foods, stays, activities and places! The second was a 14 day, 11 person trip across 2 countries and 4 cities. This trip was more luxurious, however, the family that worked with me saved $30,000 compared to working with a different travel agent. Both trips highlight my ability to plan different kinds of vacations, while keeping your budget in mind. Make sure to click "Hire Me" to browse the different services I offer: 🗺️ Custom Itineraries: Tailor-made travel itineraries built for you. 📌 Curated Recommendations: Discover hidden gems and local favorites. 📞 1:1 Consultation Calls: Expert advice just a call away. Find me on Instagram @anna_depoian for more travel content!
Family • Foodie • Budget • Luxury • People & Culture • Couples • Groups • Female Solo
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Lives in Dallas, TX, USA
Hi, my name is Sophia. I am so happy you are considering me to assist you in making your travel itinerary. Briefly, I would like to tell you a little about my own travels, so you know my background and what I offer. I started traveling around Europe the last two years, making all of my itineraries based, on my budget. I am gone for at least a week and try to fit in as many places and activities as possible at a time. I like to have all locations and transportation planned before boarding my flight. I have a printed-out itinerary with dates/times of travel locations, flight or train confirmation, and Airbnb check-in and check-out times. The best part is the list of activities I leave for myself to pick and choose (with prices listed to the side) and distances from my Airbnb or other attractions so I can pack in as much as possible. The list helps me to seamlessly pick and choose the activities I want to do based on energy level, budget, and time of day. I take my time to look up recommendations, reviews, and blogs of people who have been to places I have not yet gone, taking it all into consideration to plan the best trip possible. This is what I would like to offer you! A side cliff bar in Croatia, a refreshing rose garden in Vienna, or a brisk morning sunrise in the Dolomites of Italy. I want to offer the way I travel, all the main travel dates/times, locations, and transportation are taken care of, and a list of activities to pick and choose from. Your preferences will be vital in order to make this trip a success. I have been to Portugal, the Azores islands, Spain, Scotland, London, Italy, Athens, Croatia, Vienna, Germany, and lastly around the USA. Each of these trips was planned by myself and each schedule was followed beautifully. Some were planned by looking at a picture and finding ways to get there others were easier. Where can I help you go?
Family • Adventure • Outdoors • Female Solo • Photography • Sustainable/Eco • Budget • Business • Slow Travel • Wellness • Faith • Romantic • Art • Architecture • History • People & Culture • Boutique • Luxury • Van Life • Foodie • Wine • Relaxation • Coffee • Couples • Accessibility • Groups • Road Trip • Backpacker • Car-free
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