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Chara Kalemaki
Lives in Heraklion, Greece
For me, travelling is about walking the same cobblestones as the people before us and the locals beside us. It's about feeling, tasting and breathing the local culture - dancing to its rhythm. So, if you're captivated by art, culture, history, great food and hidden gems—you've landed in the right place! Here, you'll find rich narratives and guides that breathe life into: 💡 Authentic local experiences, away from the tourist traps ✈️ Personalised itineraries you can actually use 🍲 Local Foodie Gems (No chain restaurants, I promise!) ⛪ Must-see Art and Historic Sites 🛍️ Shops I love, local Products and souvenirs you should bring home with you. A Bit About Me: 📍 Hometown: Born and bred on the stunning island of Crete, Greece 🌆 Current Residence: Heraklion, Crete, where I also work remotely for a UK company 🎓 Education: A degree in Cultural Technology and Communications and a Master's in Strategic Digital Marketing 🌍 Global Footprint: Lived in the UK for 5 years and explored cities in Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and France! 📚 Interests: A keen interest in books, modern art, delicious food, and, yes, a dash of fashion! Let's experience the world together!
Foodie • Photography • Sustainable/Eco • Budget • Slow Travel • Romantic • Art • Architecture • People & Culture • History • Boutique • Outdoors • Car-free • Couples • Digital Nomads • Family • Groups • Female Solo • Business
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Roxana Georgescu
Lives in Bucharest, România
Hello, dear fellow travel enthusiasts! I'm Roxana, your go-to guide for all things wanderlust. As a coffee lover, travel enthusiast, and a serious foodie (yes, I live for those crispy french fries!), we're practically destined to be best friends on this journey. What gets me buzzing with excitement is discovering those off-the-beaten-path destinations and hidden gems that make you go "Wow!" I can't resist the call of the wild, whether it's hiking through majestic landscapes or getting lost in the vibrant pulse of cities. Oh, did I mention? I'm now a proud new mom too! So, expect to see some incredible family guides and tips on how to globe-trot with your little ones in tow. As a travel content creator, I take my mission seriously – to provide you with the ultimate travel guides and itineraries that are jam-packed with delightful surprises and culinary delights. I've personally tested every tip and story I share, ensuring your trips are nothing short of magical. Let's embark on this incredible journey together, where you'll find my content both useful and relatable. So, fasten your seatbelts, grab your coffee (or preferred beverage of choice), and let's wander the world with wide-eyed wonder! And remember, I'm just a message away if you need a travel buddy or a good laugh – I'm here to make your adventures unforgettable. Cheers to exploring the world one guide at a time! 🌍✈️
Adventure • Family • Budget • Slow Travel • People & Culture • Sustainable/Eco • Foodie • Outdoors • History • Art • Romantic • Photography • Luxury • Couples • Groups
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Bogdan Bodi
Lives in Sibiu, România
🌍 Bogdan: Exploring the World, One Bite at a Time 🍽️ Hey there, fellow adventurers and food aficionados! I'm Bogdan, your trusty guide to all things travel and taste. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Romania, I've embarked on a journey to discover the world's hidden culinary treasures, and I'm here to take you along for the ride! From Romania with Gusto Born and raised in the heart of Romania, I've always had an insatiable curiosity for the flavors that define different cultures. But it's not just about eating – it's about experiencing a culture through its food. From the moment I took my first bite of mămăligă to exploring the intricate spices of Romanian cuisine, I knew my taste buds were destined for adventure. Wanderlust and a Full Stomach When I'm not indulging in my favorite pastime – eating, of course – I'm exploring the world, one bite at a time. My journeys have led me to the sun-kissed shores of Cyprus, where I feasted on mezze under the Mediterranean sky. Austria charmed me with its apple strudels and hearty schnitzels, while Greece's seafront tavernas captured my heart (and stomach) with their fresh seafood delights. Hungary's markets and their delectable pastries? Let's just say I couldn't resist. Sibiu's Hidden Delights Back home in Sibiu, I'm your go-to guru for navigating the cobblestone streets and quaint corners of this enchanting city. I've practically written the book on the must-see spots and secret hideaways. Whether you're after the best spot for savoring traditional Romanian dishes or seeking out the coziest cafes, I've got you covered. Cooking Up Memories Around the Globe Now, let's talk about my other passion: cooking. My food blog isn't just a collection of recipes – it's a scrapbook of my globetrotting culinary adventures. There's nothing like recreating the flavors of a far-off land in my kitchen, and I'm always excited to share my tips, tricks, and tales with fellow food enthusiasts. Join Me on This Flavorful Journey "They say life is a journey, and for me, that journey is all about exploring new places and embracing new flavors. Each dish I try, each market I wander through, adds a new chapter to my story. So, whether you're a fellow food lover, a travel addict, or just someone looking for a taste of something new, come join me on this adventure. Let's explore the world, one bite at a time!" So, there you have it – a glimpse into my world of globetrotting and gastronomy. From Romania to the far corners of the globe, I'm Bogdan, and I'm on a mission to make the world a tastier place. So grab your forks, pack your curiosity, and let's eat our way around the world! 🍕🌎🍣
Foodie • Backpacker • Budget • Family • Adventure • Romantic • Art • History • People & Culture • Boutique • Architecture
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Marina Tinker
Lives in Paris, Γαλλία
Hello, Travel Enthusiasts! I'm Marina Tinker, a Thatch travel planner/advisor and content creator specializing in two cities: Paris, France, and my hometown Athens, Greece. Whether you are an experienced traveler or you are embarking on your first solo adventure, I am here to offer advice, guidance, and inspiration to help you make the most of your journey. Explore my Thatch store! Discover free or ready-to-buy guides and itineraries. Book consultation calls, request custom itinerary planning or curated recommendations, opt for expert pre-trip itinerary reviews, and receive personalized hotel searches (walking tours are subject to availability). Note: Take a moment to check my free guides or itineraries that serve as an example of my work. These will showcase the quality and value I can bring to your needs. (e.g. Search for One-Day Paris Itinerary for First-Time Visitors | FREE) A bit about me: - In 2021, I quit my job and embarked on my very first extended solo trip to Paris, and it turned out to be a life-changing experience. Although I was initially hesitant about traveling solo, I soon discovered that it was a liberating and fulfilling way to explore the world. Since then, I've adopted a new rhythm to my life working remotely, dividing my time between the City of Lights and my Athens. (currently in Paris) - A music and fashion enthusiast, art and history lover. (Yes, also expect guides about these topics). - Born and raised in Greece. Subscribe to my Thatch profile for exclusive travel guides, itineraries, and services, including resources for solo female travelers. Let's talk about your next trip! Book a Trip Consultation Call via my Thatch page or contact me at Find me on TikTok @marina_tinker for free travel tips and recommendations.
Female Solo • Photography • Budget • LGTBQ+ • Luxury • Romantic • Art • Architecture • History • People & Culture • Boutique • Foodie • Shopping • Coffee • Design • Car-free • Couples • 50+ • Family • LGBTQ+ • Relaxation
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Dēzija Boļšaka
Lives in Riga, Latvia
Looking for travel Itineraries? I'm here to help :) Unveiling the World, One Journey at a Time! Greetings, fellow adventurers! I'm Daisy, a passionate travel enthusiast, Latvia-born, but my heart belongs to the world! 💫 Let's set sail on unforgettable journeys together! 💫 As a globetrotter at heart, I believe that each step we take unveils a new story, a new perspective, and a new chapter in our lives. With a love for exploring new horizons, I've made it my mission to craft extraordinary travel experiences that leave you awe-inspired and rejuvenated. My soul craves to wander the globe, and my wanderlust is a fire that never dims. Months before every trip, I dive into meticulous planning, meticulously researching every nook and cranny of our chosen destination. My mission? To uncover the hidden gems, the must-visit spots, and the off-the-beaten-path wonders that make each journey truly unique. Trust the Explorer's Eye! I take pride in being your personal travel curator, carefully sifting through endless reviews of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and activities. I leave no stone unturned in my quest to present you with the crème de la crème of experiences. 🌟 Unraveling Authenticity, Embracing Culture! 🌟 My travel philosophy is simple: be a traveler, not a tourist. I strive to immerse myself in the local culture, engaging with the heart and soul of each destination. Through authentic encounters and cherished memories, I seek to paint a vivid tapestry of experiences that resonate with your soul. 🌈 Embrace the Extraordinary, Make Memories! 📸✨ So, whether you dream of trekking the lush rainforests, wandering through charming alleyways, or savoring exotic delicacies, let me be your compass on this adventure. Together, we'll create travel tales that last a lifetime. Join me as we transcend borders, embrace diversity, and revel in the beauty of our magnificent world.🔆
Adventure • Outdoors • Family • Budget • History • Groups • Couples • Car-free • Pets • Digital Nomads • Business • Backpacker • Accessibility • Female Solo • Road Trip • Relaxation • Van Life
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Lives in Hallormsstadhur, Iceland
I’m all about discovering hidden gems and showing people new places off the beaten path. As weird as it may sound I love planning and creating maps, finding best spots and then going there. Let me take you on a journey! You can reach me at: Whatsapp (+354)8446963 Email Most of my knowledge comes from the local people and I assure you they know best. By choosing me you are choosing quality and: Local Expertise: I offer in-depth knowledge of the locations I cover, providing an authentic experience. Customized Itineraries: Tailored guides for diverse interests, from historical sites to off-the-beaten-path adventures. Engaging Content: Interactive maps with multimedia elements for an immersive exploration. Responsive Support: Prompt and helpful customer support for any travel inquiries. User-Friendly Design: Easy-to-navigate maps with clear information for a hassle-free experience. Comprehensive Coverage: Guides covering major landmarks and hidden gems. Multilingual Support: Accessible to an international audience with multilingual support. Value-Added Content: Beyond mapping, providing tips, local insights, and exclusive deals for a richer travel experience.
Adventure • Outdoors • Backpacker • Photography • Overlanding • Van Life • Romantic • People & Culture • History • Boutique • off-road • Couples • Slow Travel • Sustainable/Eco • Road Trip • RV • Luxury • Budget • Camping • Car-free • Gluten-free / Celiac • Groups • Pets • Family
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Escape Key Travel Co.
Lives in Burlington, VT, USA
You can close those 17 browser tabs now... Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, & Romantic Getaways My name is Meagan. I'm a travel enthusiast who decided to turn my passion into a profession. I became a travel agent after my own destination wedding in 2020 and I specialize in destination wedding planning, honeymoons, and romantic getaways. DM me via Instagram (@escapekeytravelco) or email me ( to learn more about my personalized travel planning services. After teaching high school history for ten years, I decided to be a stay at home mom for my little one and become a home-based travel agent. My husband and I love to travel & it's been a core component in our relationship: From our first trip together in Montreal, to his proposal at the Cliffs of Moher, to our destination wedding in Oahu - we are always down to incorporate travel into our schedule. With my background in academia, I'm a highly trained researcher, organized planner, and incredibly detail-orientated. As a travel agent, I have access to unique resources and will work with you to find your perfect escape from the daily grind. While planning your trips, I love to find the finest accommodations, unique excursions, the hidden gems, the best foodie destinations, and I work hard to meet all of my clients' preferences. In my spare time: I love to get lost in books, compete against my husband with a tabletop board game, solve my true crime/mystery subscription box, try new foods or grab takeout, research my latest history obsession, all while sipping my favorite beverage: tea.
Romantic • Boutique • History • Foodie • People & Culture • Nature • Luxury • Slow Travel • Wine • Road Trip • Adventure • Relaxation • Couples
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Plan For Me Dani
Lives in Philadelphia, PA, USA
My name is Danielle and I have been planning trips for the past 10 years. One thing special and unique about my guides is that I am not producing guides that I didn't currently use myself. The places in my guides are places I have been, the itineraries are itineraries that I have personally followed. Everything is real and I have vetted myself. My travel planning story started with a honeymoon to Italy and since then it has grown each and every year. I love all kinds of travel! It's hard to fine a niche because I fit into so many categories. I love nature, hiking, and being outdoors. I love beaches and sunsets and sipping wine and cocktails in pretty places. I love learning about people and cultures and history. I love street art and busy cities and I also love small towns and quieter places. I will sleep in a hostel and I enjoy a beautiful hotel. I love South and Central America and I am obsessed with Europe. I've been to Asia twice and hope to get back in the next few years. I love to eat and one thing you'll always get from me are true and great reviews of places that I've personally eaten! I have just returned from Albania and I am working on guides from that trip! My full time job is as a School Leader of Social and Emotional Learning in Philadelphia. All my travel is done on school breaks and in the summer. I have still managed to visit over 36 countries and countless cities along the way. Being a teacher my whole life is about planning and I do believe I am exceptional at it. I work VERY hard to plan incredible trips and now you can hopefully benefit from that as well!
Adventure • Outdoors • Foodie • History • People & Culture • Backpacker • Boutique • Romantic • Art
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Lives in Chicago, IL, USA
Erika is a seasoned traveler and adventurer with a passion for exploring the world by sea and land. With a wealth of experience gained from working on ships around the globe and embarking on extensive U.S. tours, Erika has become a trusted source of travel advice for those seeking unique and unforgettable journeys. Erika's fascination with creativity and storytelling ignited her career in fashion design and theater. Her love for the arts, coupled with her talent for designing exquisite costumes, led her to work on various theater productions. From dazzling gowns to intricate period pieces. Erika's journey took an exciting turn when she landed a job as a costume technician on cruise ships. Her attention to detail and deep understanding of costume design made her an invaluable asset to the entertainment teams aboard these floating wonders. From Broadway-style productions to themed parties and events, Erika ensured that every performer looked their best, even on the high seas. Continuing her exploration of the entertainment world, Erika ventured into working as a wardrobe assistant on U.S. tours. She traveled alongside renowned artists, ensuring their costumes were meticulously maintained for each performance. Erika's behind-the-scenes expertise contributed to the seamless execution of live shows and brought her into contact with diverse audiences across the nation. Erika's passion for travel is contagious, and she loves sharing her experiences and insights with fellow adventurers. Her travel advice encompasses a wide range of topics, from packing tips and must-see destinations to cruise recommendations and unique land-based experiences. Whether you're planning a relaxing cruise or an epic road trip, Erika's guidance will ensure you have a memorable and stress-free journey. Specializations: Cruise Expertise: Erika is your go-to expert for all things cruise-related, from choosing the right cruise line to planning shore excursions and maximizing your onboard experience. U.S. Travel Guru: With her extensive knowledge of U.S. destinations, Erika can craft personalized itineraries tailored to your interests, whether you're into history, nature, or vibrant city life. Cultural Enthusiast: Erika has a deep appreciation for the cultural diversity of the world. She can provide recommendations for immersive cultural experiences and local cuisine at every destination. Adventure Seeker: For those seeking adrenaline-pumping activities and off-the-beaten-path adventures, Erika can point you in the direction of thrilling experiences you won't find in travel brochures. Erika's life has been a continuous journey of exploration and adventure. Her invaluable experience working on ships and exploring the U.S. has made her an invaluable resource for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences. Whether you're dreaming of a luxurious cruise or an epic road trip, Erika's travel advice will turn your wanderlust into reality, ensuring that your next journey is nothing short of extraordinary.
Family • Adventure • Outdoors • Foodie • Female Solo • Photography • Budget • Business • Slow Travel • Luxury • Romantic • Art • People & Culture • Boutique • Sustainable/Eco • History • Architecture • Plus Size • Couples • Groups • LGBTQ+ • Backpacker • Vegan • Vegetarian • Gluten-free / Celiac • Digital Nomads • Accessibility • Car-free
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Meredith Johnson
Lives in Charlotte, NC, USA
Hello! My name is Meredith, but my friends call me Mere. I am a nurse based out of Charlotte, NC and I am extremely lucky to have an international airport only 15 minutes away. About 4 years ago I got the travel itch. This is around the same time that my friends started getting married, having kids, buying homes, and just all around acting like adults. In a time where everyone was intent on settling down I was intent on having a trip booked every 3 months. I have planned solo trips and planned trips for myself and friends. I believe there is a difference in a trip and a vacation, so it’s most important to me for the client to know which they would prefer. When I travel internationally I try to make the most of my time, so most of my guides will be more “trip” based. This includes traveling to different parts of a country and making the most of the time to see and experience new things. I am open to more leisurely vacations guides and would have no problem helping you make a guide that fits your wants. There’s nothing more satisfying than finally getting the trip plan written down, well maybe except getting off the plane at your final destination. I believe in doing the must do things in the places you must do them. If you are going to someplace new, you never k now when you will be back there again, so you might as well do everything possible to elevate your experience.
Adventure • Female Solo • Budget • History • People & Culture • Boutique • Nature • Hostels
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Allie Torres
Lives in Longmont, CO, USA
Hello Adventurers! I'm Allie, your dedicated guide to crafting unforgettable journeys. With a robust background as a travel agent for Worldwide Travel Specialists, I bring hands-on expertise and passion from exploring most of the USA and now a growing portion of the international world, both as a solo young female traveler and alongside my husband. Why Trust Me: Having navigated diverse landscapes alone and with a partner, I understand the intricacies of solo and shared travel. Your journey is more than a destination; it's a commitment to tailor experiences that resonate uniquely with you. My Travel Style: Rooted in adventure and cultural immersion, my travel style blends solo exploration and shared experiences. Whether you seek independent discovery or shared moments, I tailor journeys to reflect your individual desires. What Sets Me Apart: I'm not just about ticking off places; I craft memories. Access exclusive experiences, hidden gems, meticulous planning—your journey is as unique as you are. Credentials: While lacking a formal degree, my travel agent role at Worldwide Travel Specialists speaks volumes. Satisfied clients and a passion for continuous learning underscore my commitment. My Promise: Your trust is paramount. Leveraging experience, industry insights, and genuine enthusiasm, I'll transform your travel aspirations into reality. From consultation to return, your journey is seamless, memorable, and tailored. Embark on This Journey Together: Whether a solo adventurer or sharing with a loved one, let's craft your travel story. Collaborate for a personalized itinerary encapsulating the essence of your wanderlust. Thank you for considering me as your guide. Excited to be part of your travel story! Happy Travels, Allie
Adventure • Female Solo • Budget • Slow Travel • Luxury • Wellness • Romantic • Nature • People & Culture • Foodie • Relaxation • Couples • Pets
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Diana P
Lives in Seattle, WA, USA
Welcome to my travel designer profile! I'm Diana Pinta (@lawyer.traveler.dreamer), and I'm here to be your enthusiastic guide on the exciting journey ahead. In addition to my background as an attorney, I also wear several other hats – I'm a social media specialist, a travel designer, and a travel content creator. Over the past three dynamic years, I've been capturing the essence of my explorations and sharing valuable insights on my social media accounts @lawyer.traveler.dreamer. You can tap into my diverse skills, whether it's through crafting carefully planned travel itineraries or offering a comprehensive guide on how to successfully collaborate with hotels as a micro influencer. With footprints in over 60 countries and a seven-year adventure living in the vibrant heart of New York City, my travel journey has been a thrilling tale filled with diverse experiences and exciting discoveries. From the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean to the ancient wonders of Egypt, the charming streets of Italy to the idyllic beaches of Zanzibar, the vibrant markets of Morocco to the serene landscapes of Thailand, my belief is that our world is a tapestry of breathtaking diversity meant to be explored. Every corner of this globe offers a unique story waiting to be unraveled, and I am here to ignite your wanderlust and lead you on a journey of discovery. The beauty of our planet lies in its boundless variety, each destination offering its own distinct allure and charm. Why confine ourselves to the familiar when there is an entire world waiting to be embraced? Together, we can step beyond the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary, creating memories that will forever enrich your soul. Allow me to be your compass, guiding you towards the lesser-trodden paths, the hidden gems, and the extraordinary experiences that make travel a transformative and enlightening endeavor. Let the world's wonders become your playground as we embark on a journey that promises not only adventure but also a deeper connection with the beauty that surrounds us. When you choose one of my ready-made travel guides or get in touch for a tailor-made adventure, you're setting out on a journey filled with memories that will last a lifetime. I'm dedicated to creating experiences that go beyond expectations. Whether you're seeking thrilling escapades or tranquil getaways, cultural immersions or culinary delights, I take pride in creating personalized itineraries that cater to your desires. One of my main focuses when planning a custom-made trip is to select unique accommodations and curated activities, putting you in touch with local guides who ensure your safety and provide an authentic experience. Plus, my research skills help you save money along the way. I'm all about delivering an adventure that's as extraordinary as you are. Opting for a journey with me means more than just exploring new places – it's about embracing a world of hidden gems, insider insights, and exclusive moments that create unforgettable memories. I'm fueled by a passion for connecting travelers with the destinations they explore, ensuring that authentic experiences linger even after the journey concludes. So, let's embark on an incredible adventure together. I'm here to leverage my skills as a travel designer, as well as guide you through successful collaborations with hotels as a micro influencer using my social media expertise. Together, we’ll shape an exceptional and distinctive voyage that mirrors your individuality.
Family • Adventure • Foodie • Female Solo • Photography • Overlanding • Sustainable/Eco • Budget • Business • Slow Travel • Luxury • Wellness • Romantic • Architecture • Boutique
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Lives in Dallas, TX, USA
Hi, my name is Sophia. I am so happy you are considering me to assist you in making your travel itinerary. Briefly, I would like to tell you a little about my own travels, so you know my background and what I offer. I started traveling around Europe the last two years, making all of my itineraries based, on my budget. I am gone for at least a week and try to fit in as many places and activities as possible at a time. I like to have all locations and transportation planned before boarding my flight. I have a printed-out itinerary with dates/times of travel locations, flight or train confirmation, and Airbnb check-in and check-out times. The best part is the list of activities I leave for myself to pick and choose (with prices listed to the side) and distances from my Airbnb or other attractions so I can pack in as much as possible. The list helps me to seamlessly pick and choose the activities I want to do based on energy level, budget, and time of day. I take my time to look up recommendations, reviews, and blogs of people who have been to places I have not yet gone, taking it all into consideration to plan the best trip possible. This is what I would like to offer you! A side cliff bar in Croatia, a refreshing rose garden in Vienna, or a brisk morning sunrise in the Dolomites of Italy. I want to offer the way I travel, all the main travel dates/times, locations, and transportation are taken care of, and a list of activities to pick and choose from. Your preferences will be vital in order to make this trip a success. I have been to Portugal, the Azores islands, Spain, Scotland, London, Italy, Athens, Croatia, Vienna, Germany, and lastly around the USA. Each of these trips was planned by myself and each schedule was followed beautifully. Some were planned by looking at a picture and finding ways to get there others were easier. Where can I help you go?
Family • Adventure • Outdoors • Female Solo • Photography • Sustainable/Eco • Budget • Business • Slow Travel • Wellness • Faith • Romantic • Art • Architecture • History • People & Culture • Boutique • Luxury • Van Life • Foodie • Wine • Relaxation • Coffee • Couples • Accessibility • Groups • Road Trip • Backpacker • Car-free
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Kelsie Naugler
Lives in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Embark on a journey of discovery alongside me. Together, we will uncover the finest bars, exquisite hotels, and hidden gems scattered across the expanse of our world. Prepare to immerse yourself in comprehensive urban explorations, specialized tours catering to every interest, economical routes for the budget-conscious, and opulent escapades for those seeking lavish experiences. For those yearning for a tailor-made travel itinerary, delve into my custom travel services! 🇨🇮 🇺🇲🇨🇵 🇩🇪🇯🇵🇲🇽🇬🇧🇪🇪🇹🇿🇰🇷🇰🇭🇮🇹🇧🇪🇦🇼🇸🇬🇪🇸🇵🇭🇭🇰🇮🇳🇨🇦🇫🇮🇧🇸🇵🇷🇹🇨🇦🇹🇭🇺 Having traversed more than 50 countries as a solo female voyager, I have experienced a spectrum ranging from a humble $3 per night hostel in Asia to the opulent embrace of 5-star luxury retreats in the Caribbean. My passion lies in helping others discover the world. Allow me to transform your dream vacation into tangible reality! My enthusiasm for delving into the heart of nations, uncovering unique gems, is my driving force. Within my guides, you'll encounter not only historical insights, but also practical tips, cunning tricks, and a deep understanding of each destination.
Adventure • Foodie • Female Solo • Photography • Luxury • Architecture • History • People & Culture • Budget • Slow Travel • Relaxation • Digital Nomads • Backpacker • Couples
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Larissa Schultz, MCC, MHA
Lives in San Diego, CA, USA
Have passport - will travel. I am a certified licensed and insured Exploration Specialist and running a women-owned travel agency, working with many vetted premier travel industry vendor partners. A little about me: - Acquired over 27 years experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, - Traveled to 7 continents, 64 countries and crossed both polar circles, - Have an odd propensity in finding Irish Pubs in foreign cities throughout the world, - Successfully combined these experiences and habits into helping individuals discover exciting adventures throughout the globe. My passion is travel. I live it, I work it, I love it. My page offers straightforward, no unnecessary fluff*, day-by-day travel itineraries that you can easily save and follow or customize to your liking. Uniting my project management skills and attention to detail with my passion for travel and cultural immersion, I design and curate journey's which create memories that last a lifetime. *What does "No unnecessary fluff" mean? Well, you know those extraneous online recipes you try to sort through just to get to the recipe? But, you have to work through personal background details, stories about puppies and varuious types of flour; and then you get all those pop-up ads....well, my itineraries don't have all that "extra". They are just extra in their simplicity. Day-by-day itinerary with recommendations, insight, and a step-by-step guide. Simple. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo da Vinci
Foodie • Slow Travel • Luxury • Wellness • People & Culture • Boutique
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Mackenzie Thomas-Black
Lives in San Diego, CA, USA
Mackenzie Black is an intrepid explorer with a passion for globetrotting. Having ventured through more than 17 countries, she is well-versed in the art of travel. Armed with a dual bachelors degree in Business Tourism Sustainability & Anthropology from Arizona State University, Mackenzie combines her knowledge of sustainable practices with her fascination for diverse cultures. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Mackenzie's taste buds have become her compass. She revels in the opportunity to savor new and exciting flavors from all corners of the globe. Her culinary adventures are not limited to tourist hotspots; instead, she seeks out hidden gems and local eateries to truly immerse herself in the cuisine and connect with the community. Mackenzie's thirst for knowledge extends beyond her academic achievements. Her insatiable curiosity about new cultures drives her to embrace off-the-beaten-path experiences. She yearns to understand the nuances and traditions of the places she visits, striving to forge connections with locals and gain a genuine sense of what it means to belong. With Mackenzie as your guide, expect an unforgettable journey that goes beyond typical tourist attractions. Her passion for sustainability, cultural immersion, and culinary exploration will surely make your travels a feast for the senses and a truly transformative experience.
Family • Adventure • Outdoors • Foodie • Backpacker • Female Solo • Photography • Budget • Business • Slow Travel • Luxury • Romantic • Architecture • History • People & Culture • Dark
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Meli Planning
Lives in San Diego, CA, USA
Hello traveler !! ✈️ My name is Melisa , I’m originally from Mexico City. 🇲🇽 For me traveling is one of the best investments people can do in their lives . 🧳 Traveling makes you richer in the soul. Let me help you to create memories that will stay in your heart forever❤️ . I love customizing trips of any kind: * Solo travelers * Couples * Families * Groups My first solo trip was back in 2017 in Thailand 🇹🇭 🎒 , that trip changed my life forever, and after that I kept planning more and more trips 🌎 . After visiting 11 countries and many new cities I knew I wanted to help others to plan happiness, because for me happiness is planning a trip! I put my heart in every trip I plan, I will create an itinerary that fits what you love on a trip. I would love to share my knowledge with you. 👩🏻‍💻. Travel style : All my guides and recommendations are made for people who like the higher quality accommodations and traveling in comfort. ⭐️ For Spanish speakers : Hola viajero!! ✈️ Soy Melisa. Originaria de la Ciudad de México 🇲🇽 Para mi viajar es una de las mejores inversiones que una persona puede hacer en su vida. 🧳 Viajar te hace mas rico en el alma. Déjame ayudarte a crear recuerdos que se quedaran en tu corazón para siempre. Amo personalizar viajes de todo tipo: *Viajeros individuales *Parejas *Familias *Grupos Mi primer viaje sola fue en 2017 en Thailandia 🇹🇭 🎒 . Ese viaje realmente cambio mi vida para siempre y después de esa experiencia seguí planeando mas y mas viajes. Después de visitar 11 países y muchas ciudades nuevas me di cuenta que quería ayudar a otras personas a planear felicidad porque para mi felicidad es planear viajes. Pongo mi corazón en cada planeación, y me encantaría compartir mi conocimiento contigo 👩🏻‍💻. Estilo de viaje: todas mis guías y recomendaciones 🗺️ son hechas para personas que buscan calidad en su estancia y comodidad en sus viajes.
Female Solo • Foodie • Romantic • People & Culture • Luxury • 50+ • Shopping • Couples • Family
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Gluten-free / Celiac
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