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Emilie La Gavi
Lives in Montreux, Switzerland
This is not your relax and chill retreat vacation recommendations. I am more of a live-my-life-to-its-fullest, watch-the-sunrise, walk-everywhere, everything-for-the-experience, acting-like-I-own-a-food-blog, enjoy-drinks-on-a-rooftop, art-critic type of traveler. Ironically, I love equally to travel solo or with a bunch of friends/family, eat old sandwiches on a backpacking trip or lavish on gastronomic food, a spontaneous adventure where we decide at 9pm where we are sleeping later or a day-by-day planned trip. No matter where, how, with whom, and for how long, I choose to prioritize the experience and memories. And with a friendly budget. Sometimes, budget friendly means only booking a room on Airbnb in order to enjoy a nice brunch. Or, going to the grocery store to balance out an expensive scenic train ride. At 23 years old, I am nowhere to be a travel expert. But, I lived in 4 different countries already, across two continents, and have a google maps saturated with saved pins. My obsession in finding the best gems, hidden spots, good food, fun cocktails, and unique experiences, has brought me here. You will find a good mix of shorts spontaneous weekends trips up to longer adventures; road-trip itineraries to nice hotels; Instagram- or TikTok-inspired worthy spots to unknown local gems; photogenic sceneries to more authentic views and smells. And occasionally, great spots to relax on your adventure. Because even if i enjoy walking 20'000 steps a day, I also enjoy a good spa/beach day as well!
Adventure • Foodie • Female Solo • Budget • Backpacker • Photography • Van Life • Sustainable/Eco • Architecture • Art • Boutique • Nature • Exploration
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Josefina Ginevra
Lives in Geneva, Suiza
Hello, I'm Josefina, an Argentinian now living in Geneva, Switzerland (fun fact: my last name is Ginevra, which is the translation to Geneva in Italian). My journey from a career in psychology to becoming a travel planner has been quite an adventure, just like the trips I craft. When I relocated to Geneva with my husband, I faced the challenge of finding a job in a new country with a different language. This shift in my life opened the door to another passion of mine: travel. Throughout my time in Europe, I've explored well-known destinations and uncovered hidden gems, many of which are right here in this beautiful country I now call home. Travel has always held a special place in my heart. Even as a teenager, I enjoyed creating travel plans, but I never realized it could become more than just a hobby. It was the feedback from my trips with family and friends that inspired me. They marveled at how well everything was organized, from hotel choices to dining experiences and the unique places we visited. Their encouragement led me to consider a career in travel planning, but I wasn't sure how to make it happen until I discovered this platform. Thanks to Thatch, I'm now pursuing my dreams by crafting comprehensive guides and itineraries and offering my services as a travel planner. I invite you to explore my guides and see how I work. If you ever desire a personalized Eurotrip plan, don't hesitate to reach out. I'll plan your journey as if it were my own, taking into account your preferences, budget, and needs. Let's transform your travel dreams into reality!
Adventure • Outdoors • Foodie • People & Culture • Road Trip • Relaxation • Budget • Coffee • History • Romantic • Car-free • Couples • Digital Nomads • Family • Groups • Female Solo • 50+
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Lives in London, UK
Unlock Your Next Adventure with FrancoBritOdissey 🌍📸🥾🐾 Meet Solveig, hailing from the picturesque city of Lyon i, and Justin, a seasoned traveler with roots in Hong Kong. Together, we've journeyed across continents and are now based in London, UK. Our shared love for photography, exploration, hiking, and pet/housesitting on Rover has ignited a passion for curating a travel guide shop like no other. Why Choose Us? 🌟 Authentic Expertise: We bring authentic, diverse perspectives to your travel experience. We've walked the paths, captured the moments, and tasted the flavors you crave. 📷 Photography: Discover our photography secrets with our guides - empowering you to capture the essence of your adventures like never before. 🗺️ Wanderlust: Travel inspiration is our specialty. Dive into our handpicked destinations, where every page carries you further into the heart of adventure. 🥾 Hiking Enthusiasts: Follow in our footsteps with expert hiking recs and must-have gear to tackle trails around the globe. 🍽️ Culinary Journeys: Savor international cuisines with our curated restaurants/cafes recs. 🏠🐾 Pet & House Sitting: Join us on Rover as we share insights into responsible pet and house sitting, showing you how you can reduce your travelling costs by house-sitting. 📝 Travel Chronicles: Immerse yourself in our captivating travel tales, rich with insights, tips, and personal recs from our own thrilling journeys. Your Adventure Awaits: This isn't just a shop; it's your gateway to unforgettable experiences, meticulously crafted by Solveig & Justin. Whether you're an aspiring photographer, a fearless explorer, a food aficionado, or a pet lover seeking trusted sitting options, you're in good hands. Ready to transform your wanderlust into reality? Welcome to a world of adventure, exploration, and endless possibilities. 🌏📷🌄🍽️ Let your next adventure begin! 🌟
Outdoors • Adventure • Photography • Budget • Boutique • Coffee • Road Trip • Slow Travel
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Elisa Doro
Lives in Martina Franca, Province of Taranto, Italy
"Traveling has forever held a special place in my heart. It's an innate passion that propels me to venture into new territories, encounter fresh faces, and delve into the unknown. There's an inherent comfort in the rhythm of exploration—a soothing cadence that nurtures my curiosity and nourishes my soul with the wonders of this world."s. "I've had the immense pleasure of collaborating with an incredibly creative tour operator who has introduced me to a diverse tapestry of inquisitive souls from across the globe. Among them, I've crossed paths with pilots, avid runners, astute businessmen and women, skilled surgeons, passionate gardeners, dedicated lawyers, enterprising retailers, aspiring students, and an array of fascinating individuals. Yet, what unites them all is their unwavering, open-hearted desire to immerse themselves in the enchanting essence of Puglia." "My approach to my work is deeply intuitive. I engage with my visitors by asking them about their desires and how they envision their Puglia experience. It's about crafting a journey tailored to their preferences, whether it's a leisurely stroll, a captivating storytelling session, a dive into history, the creation of lasting memories through photography, or the indulgence in delectable local cuisine and wine. My tours are meticulously paced, attuned to the unique needs and desires of my guests, and I am continuously attuned to their feedback and requests, ensuring an unforgettable experience." "We share hearty laughter, exchange captivating stories, and I strive to help my guests truly connect with the enchantment of this magical corner of the world.. Come with me ...fun and smiles guaranteed..
Female Solo • Slow Travel • Luxury • People & Culture • Romantic • Art • Boutique • Architecture • Coffee • Design • Foodie • Photography • Shopping • Wine • Vegetarian • Couples • 50+ • Vegan • Plus Size • LGBTQ+ • Pets • Business • Groups • Road Trip • Relaxation • Van Life • Sustainable/Eco • Wellness
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Georgios Pagkratis
Lives in Athens, Greece
Greetings! My name is George. I am a highly skilled and experienced freelancer with expertise in the travel industry as a travel agent and virtual assistant. I have one year of experience working with clients from all over the world, and I take pride in delivering high-quality work that exceeds their expectations. As a travel agent, I am passionate about helping my clients plan their dream vacations, whether it be a romantic getaway or a family adventure. I am knowledgeable in finding the best deals, making recommendations based on my client's preferences and budgets, and ensuring that their travel experience is stress-free and enjoyable. In addition, as a virtual assistant, I have extensive experience in managing administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing emails, and organizing files. I have excellent communication skills, and I am committed to providing timely and efficient services to help my clients achieve their goals. My love for travel, combined with my skills as a virtual assistant, make me an excellent choice for any project you have in mind. I am reliable, efficient, and detail-oriented, ensuring that my clients are always informed and satisfied with the progress of their projects. So if you are looking for a freelancer who can assist you with travel planning or virtual assistance tasks, look no further. Let's work together to make your travel dreams a reality and streamline your administrative task
Family • Adventure • Outdoors • Foodie • Backpacker • Budget • Luxury • Romantic • Art • Architecture • History • People & Culture • Camping • Road Trip • Slow Travel • Wine • Vegetarian • Vegan • LGBTQ+ • Couples • Digital Nomads
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Allie Torres
Lives in Longmont, CO, USA
Hello Adventurers! I'm Allie, your dedicated guide to crafting unforgettable journeys. With a robust background as a travel agent for Worldwide Travel Specialists, I bring hands-on expertise and passion from exploring most of the USA and now a growing portion of the international world, both as a solo young female traveler and alongside my husband. Why Trust Me: Having navigated diverse landscapes alone and with a partner, I understand the intricacies of solo and shared travel. Your journey is more than a destination; it's a commitment to tailor experiences that resonate uniquely with you. My Travel Style: Rooted in adventure and cultural immersion, my travel style blends solo exploration and shared experiences. Whether you seek independent discovery or shared moments, I tailor journeys to reflect your individual desires. What Sets Me Apart: I'm not just about ticking off places; I craft memories. Access exclusive experiences, hidden gems, meticulous planning—your journey is as unique as you are. Credentials: While lacking a formal degree, my travel agent role at Worldwide Travel Specialists speaks volumes. Satisfied clients and a passion for continuous learning underscore my commitment. My Promise: Your trust is paramount. Leveraging experience, industry insights, and genuine enthusiasm, I'll transform your travel aspirations into reality. From consultation to return, your journey is seamless, memorable, and tailored. Embark on This Journey Together: Whether a solo adventurer or sharing with a loved one, let's craft your travel story. Collaborate for a personalized itinerary encapsulating the essence of your wanderlust. Thank you for considering me as your guide. Excited to be part of your travel story! Happy Travels, Allie
Adventure • Female Solo • Budget • Slow Travel • Luxury • Wellness • Romantic • Nature • People & Culture • Foodie • Relaxation • Couples • Pets
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Digital Nomads
Gluten-free / Celiac
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