Feel refreshed, more often.

Joining Thatch is a commitment to taking intentional time away from your busy life, regularly. Reset, feel refreshed and feel inspired - more often.

Includes as many as 60 nights away
Dedicated Experience Creator (EC) for ea. trip
Unlimited chats/calls with your EC
Price match guarantee on all bookings
No hidden or extra fees
Beautiful desktop and mobile apps
per quarter
billed yearly
per quarter,
billed quarterly

Common Questions


For each trip you'll have a dedicated Thatch experience creator ("EC") who can source and curate personalized recommendations for accommodations, places to eat and things to do/see for every stop. With your approval, ECs can also handle anything that needs a booking or reservation for you. All the information your EC puts together for you can be easily accessed in the app wherever you are. If anything changes, we're always available for a call or chat.


We'll pair you with a planner who is the best fit for the specifics of each trip. This means you may work with the same planner on multiple trips or someone different each time.

Does Thatch make itineraries for my trip?

We're strong believers in the importance of serendipity when you get away. So, instead of putting together rigid itineraries, we curate a collection of personalized recommendations for you for each destination. This gives you the opportunity to arrange those recs into plans however you choose and the flexibility to adjust your trip as it unfolds.

Why should I work with you instead of DIY?

We won't argue that with enough time and confidence most people can Google their way to great trip. But we want to give you back those hours of your life that you could be spending on things that matter. Instead, let our experience creators take on the bulk of the work, leaving you to spend a few minutes making the final decisions from a personalized list of recommendations.


We source many of our recommendations from our growing network of destination experts - travel bloggers, foodies, localists, and more - who report back to us after checking out new destinations or revisiting their favorites. Their recommendations are stored in our proprietary library that Thatch experience creators can easily reference at any time. Anything that your experience creator can't find in our library, they'll source through careful research and validate with our in-destination contacts.

Are you going to push me to stay in commissionable places?

In short, never. That's why we charge a membership fee. We'll find the right place for you to stay from one of the scores of platforms we source from, including Airbnb, VRBO, Boutique Homes, Tablet Hotels and more. We'll never try to sell a particular option in favor of commissions, and you can ask for additional options until we nail it.

Can I test the service out?

Of course! You can organize your year in travel for free - simply sign up and add all your trips to your wishlist. When you're ready to start planning a trip tap 'start planning' and start a membership, commitment-free for the first 3 months.

HOW Do you guarantee the best price?

If you find a better price somewhere else for something we've booked for you, like a hotel, screenshot it and send a link to your experience creator. We'll refund the difference.


We believe in regular getaways as an essential part of overall wellbeing - they're just as important as regular exercise! Joining Thatch is about committing to making time to reset, connect with those you care about, and feel refreshed more often. The best way to make that happen, in our opinion, is to remove as much of the decision barrier as possible - the thing that prevents so many trips from happening. That's why we put the decision to pay for help in background with a subscription. In other words, we've given you an easy button for every trip - someone you can trust who's always on hand to help as soon as the idea occurs - no more wasting time debating whether you should ask for help or not!

As you continue to work with us regularly, we're able build a rich understanding of your particular travel style - and you won't waste time getting us up to speed for every little trip.

Even more, we'll develop an understanding of your travel habits and the shape of your year, helping us stay on top of upcoming events, time off, and bucket list trips.

By working with us, you'll end up taking more of those getaways you've always meant to do - and spend way less time wishing you had started planning earlier!