Life is a balance.
Thatch helps you find yours.

Becoming a Thatch member is a commitment to striking a balance between meaningful work and intentional time away.
To resetting and feeling refreshed regularly. To finding inspiration and connecting more deeply.

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Thatch members enjoy
research, planning and booking services for unlimited trips
a dedicated planning team you can chat with on your schedule
bookings made and managed on your behalf with a price match guarantee
no hidden or additional fees
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Common Questions


For each trip you request, you'll be paired with a trip planner. Send them trip inspiration, recommendations from friends, and ideas as they occur to you in your travel portal. Your stylist will source a tailored list of accommodations, and will book the one you choose. Then they'll gather a curated set of recommendations, identifying anything you'll need to book in advance. They can make those reservations at your request.

Your bookings and recommendations will be available in your mobile app to refer to in-destination.


We'll pair you with a planner who makes sense for that destination. You may work with the same person on multiple trips, or you might work with different people each time. We'll keep the planner consistent on individual trips.

Does Thatch make itineraries for my trip?

Not exactly. We put together a collection of personalized recommendations for you that you can organize into the trip you want - making sure you always have vetted options but leaving you the flexibility to adjust your trip as it unfolds.

Why should I work with you instead of DIY?

With enough time and emotional resilience, you can piece together a great itinerary for yourself from online sources. But that time is better spent with loved ones than hunched over a computer with a thousand tabs open. Spend a few minutes consulting with your trip planner, and trust that we'll put together recommendations for an effortless trip.


We source many of our recommendations from our growing network of travel specialists -  travel bloggers, foodies, localists, and more - who report back to us after checking out new destinations. Their recommendations go into our proprietary database, and your trip planner can call on them at any time. Anything that your planner can't find in the database, they'll source through careful research and validate with our in-destination contacts.

Are you going to push me to stay in commissionable places?

In short, never. That's why we charge a membership fee. We'll find the right place for you to stay from one of the scores of platforms we source from, including Airbnb, VRBO, Boutique Homes, Tablet Hotels and more. We'll never force a particular place to stay on you, and you can ask for additional options until we nail it.

Can I test the service out?

You can organize your year in travel for free - simply sign up and add in all your trips to your dashboard. Our team will analyze your trips and see which ones need immediate attention. We'll reach out to chat about the trip, and when you're ready to start planning you'll start your membership. If at any time during the planning process for your first trip you decide Thatch isn't for you, we'll give you a full refund.

HOW Do you guarantee the best price?

If you find a better price for a hotel that we've booked you elsewhere, screenshot it and send a link to your planner. We'll refund the difference.


We believe in regular getaways as a way to boost overall wellbeing — and to make those actually happen, we wanted someone on hand to help as soon as the idea occurs - don't even waste the time debating whether you should ask for help or not!

As you continue to work with us regularly, we'll build a rich understanding of your particular travel style - and you won't waste time getting us up to speed for every little trip.

Even more, we'll develop an understanding of your travel habits and the shape your year, helping us stay on top of upcoming events, time off, and bucket list trips.

By working with us, you'll end up taking more of those getaways you've always meant to do - and way less time wishing you'd started planning earlier!