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Garður Old Lighthouse

About Garður Old Lighthouse

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"The Garður Old Lighthouse, also known as the Gardur Lighthouse or Gardskagi Lighthouse, is a historic landmark located on the northernmost tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland . It's one of the first lighthouses built in the country, dating back to 1897. The Garður Old Lighthouse is unique because it's one of two lighthouses standing side-by-side on the Gardskagi Peninsula. The older lighthouse, made out of concrete, was once regarded as one of the best lighthouses in Iceland due to its lower profile. For a period, it even served as a cafe during the summer season, offering visitors a chance to enjoy a drink and panoramic views from the lantern room at the top. While no longer operational as a lighthouse or cafe, the Garður Old Lighthouse remains a popular stop for tourists visiting the Reykjanes Peninsula. It's a beautiful example of Icelandic architecture and a reminder of the country's maritime history."
"The Garður Old Lighthouse (1897) is the original lighthouse in Garður. The low, red-striped lighthouse stands on a rocky platform right above the rough water that pounds the northwestern tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula. But its location was precarious, so a new lighthouse (Garðskagaviti) was built just steps away in 1944. This building became a bird observatory and a spot where people love to take pictures."
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