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Miradouro da Portela

About Miradouro da Portela

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What people say

"Green mountains that extend to the blue depths of the sea: this is how you can describe the scenery that visitors to Miradouro da Portela, Madeira, have access to. Located at an altitude of 670 meters, it offers a breathtaking view. The strategic location of this observatory, between Porto da Cruz and Machico, allows you to have a comprehensive perspective of the east and north areas of the island. In the setting of Miradouro da Portela, the omnipresence of the vibrant colors of Nature stands out. But not only that: it is also possible to observe the dotted lines formed by the small houses that spread across the sides of Porto da Cruz, with their typical orange tiles. On the horizon, the grandeur of Penha d’Águia stands out, a geological formation with a height of close to 600 meters, which serves as a dividing mark between the municipalities of Machico and Santana. Furthermore, it is important to note that the entire landscape of Miradouro da Portela is complemented by the presence, in the background, of the sea that bathes the island. The breadth of perspective obtained from here makes this a mandatory stopover for anyone who wants to get to know one of the most representative Madeiran landscapes."
"Portela has 2 restaurants and great views"

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