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Puʻu O Hulu (Pink Pillbox) Trailhead

About Puʻu O Hulu (Pink Pillbox) Trailhead

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What people say

"1.6 mile out-and-back with an elevation gain of 679 feet. The Pink Pillbox hike is very similar to its much more famous cousin Lanikai Pillbox but I've ranked it as slightly harder as it is a little longer. The trail condition is a bit better than Lanikai Pillbox though as it is less trafficked. This hike is also a bit of a drive out from Waikiki, it is 32 miles away or about 50 minutes without traffic. I do still very much recommend the hike as it will give you a chance to check out the West Side of the island and the pink pillbox, a breast cancer tribute, makes for great pictures. As the Pink Pillbox hike is on the West side of the island the summit makes for a great place to catch the sunset. I do recommend headlamps and caution when hiking in the dark. Another piece of advise is to not leave any valuables is your car at this trailhead because it is a known spot for car break-ins. "
"Stunning views of the coast and Wai'anae mountain range. Lots of pillboxes to explore and you’ll probably spot more whales from here (November-March). Be sure to bring everything with you out of your vehicle, break-ins are common at the street parking for the trailhead!"

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Here is my ultimate guide to hiking the legal trails of Oahu. Now I've done my best to order these hikes from easiest to hardest considering elevation change, conditions, and climate. I say legal hikes because there are a good amount of illegal hikes on Oahu that have become very popular recently due to social media, but I only wish to recommend those that are open and maintained so that everyone using this resource can have a safe and amazing adventures while visiting this beautiful island. Beyond safety there is also the risk of large fines which will given to anyone caught hiking outside of public trails. In my own opinion there are no easy trails or walking trails on island as almost all trails are about elevation gain. Don't get me wrong Oahu is an excellent place for hikers, but probably best for those that consider themselves experienced hikers or are at least consider themselves athletic. I say this also because the hot climate and loose ground on much of these hikes makes for added challenge. My parents for example are now both over 60 and I would not take them on most of the hikes on Oahu and I likewise would have the same feeling about bringing children. A few important considerations when hiking on Oahu is to be mindful of preserving the trail and the environment. One rule of thumb is to stay on the trail, and I know that seems obvious but even stepping off the maintained trail a little bit or cutting corners on switch backs bear consequences; such as erosion and harm to plants and organisms that you may unknowingly step on. Another no brainer, but I still think the reminder is important, is to leave no trace. This means not leaving anything behind such as trash but also to not alter the natural environment like stacking rocks or messing with the foliage, beyond what is necessary to continue on the path. The opposite is also just as important, don't take anything with you from the environment like plants and rocks. I will try my best to include as much necessary information for these hikes as I can but it is always smart to be as well informed as possible before hiking somewhere new, so do your own research if you can and be well prepared for the weather, distance, and difficulty of each hike. State rescue personal often respond to hikers in distress here on Oahu and I would hate for anyone using my guide to face any sort of distress when they are supposed to be making fun memories. *I will be adding to this list as I do more hikes around the island*
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