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Lokál U Bílé kuželky

About Lokál U Bílé kuželky

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What people say

"One of three Lokál restaurants on our list, this one is steps from the Charles Bridge. It's a classic, no-frills Czech pub/restaurant by the Ambiente Group focusing on quality product and lively atmosphere. On tap: 🍺 Pilsner Urquell 🍺 Dark Kozel 🍺 Spirits, cider and lemonade Classic Czech dishes like: 🍗 Beef braised with Savoy cabbage, potato dumplings 🍗 Pork cutlet schnitzel fried in butter, potato salad 🧀 Marinated Olomouc curd cheese Vibe: 😎 Authentic Czech at an elevated level Nearby: ➕ Prague Castle ➕ Charles Bridge"
"I couldn't get a table for lunch it was just closing and was really busy, I had read about it and hoped to get back but ran out of time, this area is more local and has a relaxed vibe it is more like a pub for locals and the food looked proper homemade and more traditional. - Its on my list for next time for sure."

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