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Golden Hands Bridge

About Golden Hands Bridge

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What people say

"One of the most famous things to do in Vietnam. Probably you've seen this bridge already on social media. To avoid the crowd book your ticket before you're going and take the first cable car in the morning which is at 7am. Mostly it's really foggy in the morning, but still worth it go early, the pictures looked also great in the fog. Usually it's clearing up in the afternoon, but then the crowd is already there.. "
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"Most iconic attraction in Danang. 150m long. The hands symbolizes God’s hands, as if you’re standing in his palms overlooking Danang. It’s in Ba Na Hills. So buying the ticket will ensure you to this bridge. 🔺Tip: Be sure to be there super early, and I mean the moment it opens. I thought it was crowded when I got there. It was the worse at few hrs later when I was leaving. ✅ I was here"
"Visit during afternoon for least crowds."
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