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Columbia Road Flower Market

About Columbia Road Flower Market

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What people say

"Columbia Road Flower Market is a popular destination for both tourists and locals, in essence, it's a flower market, the road is filled with traders selling hundreds of different varieties of flowers and plants. It's also home to beautiful independent shops where you can browse for vintage homewares, get drinks and snacks or sit for a relaxing lunch. It gets quite busy, but it's an enjoyable activity nonetheless. "
"This Sunday only flower market is gorgeous! I recommend either getting here early to avoid crowds or getting here late to receive sales. The market often becomes very very crowded and difficult to move through during the mid morning. In the early afternoon vendors will start doing really good sales in order to pack up their shops early. "
"Beautiful Sunday morning flower market! This is a great way to rejuvenate after a long Saturday night. A beautiful local experience in a neighborhood many don't visit, I highly recommend walking through all the flower shops and maybe getting a sweet croissant and hot chocolate during your walk!"

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