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Large Onofrio's Fountain

About Large Onofrio's Fountain

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What people say

"Standing tall in the heart of Dubrovnik's Old Town, Luza Square, Onofrio's Large Fountain is a beloved landmark and symbol of the city's historical independence and prosperity. It's not just a fountain but a captivating sculptural monument with a fascinating story. Created by Italian sculptors Bonino da Milano and Antun Dubrovčanin, the fountain was unveiled in 1438, marking a period of political stability and economic flourishing for the Republic of Ragusa (as Dubrovnik was known then). The fountain features a bronze statue of Roland (Orlando in Croatian), a legendary paladin and hero from medieval epic poems. He stands proudly, clad in armor and wielding a sword, symbolizing the city's strength and independence. The column served practical purposes too. The forearm of the statue represented the Ragusan cubit, a standard unit of measurement used in trade."
"One of my FAVORITE things about Dubrovnik was the fresh water from this fountain. Bring your own water bottle and fill up!"

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