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Gate of Heaven Lempuyang Temple

About Gate of Heaven Lempuyang Temple

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What people say

"One of the most magical places on Bali. There is not just the gate itself but also a sacred temple where only monks can go. It was built on a hill so you have a really nice view from there and if you look through the gate, you will see the highest mountain Mount Agung⛰️ behind when the weather is good. The temple or the gate is sacred so there aren't allowed any kisses and even doing an arabesque is forbidden for some reasons. There are restaurants nearby, too. TIP: If you wanna avoid paid parking spot and a useless tourist bus, don't go the main road and find a side road directly to the gate."
"Witness the Iconic Gates: Capture the iconic "Gateway to Heaven" photo at Lempuyang Temple, known for its stunning views of Mount Agung. Climb to the Top: Experience a moderate hike to the temple's highest point for panoramic vistas. Participate in Spiritual Practices: Observe or join in the temple's spiritual activities, adding a cultural touch to your visit."
"Do you know the truth behind these stunning photos? The incredible water reflections are created by placing a mirror just beneath the camera lens to create the look of reflective water in each photo. Huge line, even early in the morning. Did I drive very far away just to get the famous shot of the Heaven Gate? I sure did! Would I do it again? Definitely not! "

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