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Cafe Layered Bukchon

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What people say

"Think of pretty pink laces, picnics, afternoon tea, and beautiful pastries when you visit Cafe Layered. This rustic cafe is completely open at its center, which adds a unique charm to its pastry display. It’s a must-visit for the sweet tooth, with their array of desserts best paired with a fresh cup of coffee. "
"Other visitors noted there aren't many seats inside but it's cute, giving off the impression of a British grandma's house. English-themed desserts like scones, tarts, and cakes and classic British flavours like Earl Grey, lemon drop, and Victoria cakes. "
"The best cafe classic scones! this cafe is very convenient if you plan to visit Bukchon Hanok that day since its 5 min from the start of the hiking trail. "
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