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Tesoro di San Gennaro

About Tesoro di San Gennaro

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What people say

"The Treasury of San Gennaro is more significant than the British Crown Jewels and the treasury of the tsars of Russia, yet very few even know of its existence. It’s a testament to Naples's wealth between the 17th and 19th centuries. Intense devotion to the city’s patron saint began in the 1520s when Naples was crumbling from plague outbreaks and several eruptions of Mount Vesuvius. Neapolitans often say that when praying for your cause, you have to find the right saint, like Naples did when it turned to San Gennaro, and he saved the city from total collapse. Only a tiny fraction of the complete treasury is on view, but this miter tells a big enough story. It is composed of 3,964 diamonds, rubies, and emeralds."
"San Gennaro is the patron Saint of Naples-and in the Duomo basilica, there is a small museum that houses the treasures of San Gennaro. A museum which features a priceless heritage of devotional objects made of gold, silver, bronze and precious stones. Over the centuries these riches have been donated to San Gennaro by Neapolitan and foreign kings, by Popes and by the people. Ticket prices include an audio guide! Hours of operation Everyday from 09:30- 18:00"
"The San Gennaro Treasure Museum in Naples is a beautiful museum. It's filled with precious treasures and religious artifacts. The museum holds a collection of precious objects related to the patron saint of Naples, San Gennaro. The collection includes gold and silver reliquaries, jewelry, and other valuable objects. It's located in the historic center of Naples, near the Cathedral of Naples."

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Via Duomo, 149, 80138 Napoli NA, Italia
+39 081 294980
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