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Sulfur Mountain Trail

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So, you're going to the Canadian Rockies? After living in Montana for many years, I knew and expected the terrain to be quite similar. I was in for quite the surprise when this area of Canada turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I've EVER visited. Below you'll find my favorite stops (separated by location) that we found along the way from Edmonton to Calgary (and a few stops over in BC!), along with tips on the area and an interactive map. I've included the hotels used personally, as well as some additional top rated stays at several price points. I've also included some stops that we didn't make it to this first time around, but we will definitely be heading back for them! Quick Disclaimer: Respect nature and wildlife. Wildlife is WILD and nature is natural. Treat them as such. Leave no trace when outdoors, and respect wildlife by giving them space. Locations included: šŸ”ļø Edmonton šŸ”ļø Jasper National Park šŸ”ļø Banff National Park šŸ”ļø Banff, Alberta (town) šŸ”ļø Lake Louise (town) šŸ”ļø Canmore, Alberta šŸ”ļø Calgary, Alberta I've added quite a few hotel options, as they all book up extremely quickly and are not cheap. I did highlight the ones we stayed at as well as provided descriptions of those! Pssst. Above is the exact route we drove also! We drove up from Montana, but flying in to Edmonton and renting a car or RV to drive this itinerary down through to Calgary is an awesome option. If you wish to continue this trip further like we did, drive down to Yoho and Kootenay National Parks in BC and Glacier National Park in Montana from Calgary! I have a separate guide for Glacier, but highly recommend if you have the time! I have listed a variety of different things from nature and hiking to food and craft beer to a few select "other" options (that don't involve hiking). However, this guide primarily focuses on the true beauty of nature in Canada. You won't run out of options! We found the Parks in Canada to be extremely accessible, dog friendly, and overall pretty clean. The red Adirondack chairs were the coolest thing, and I'm not going to explain that... You'll see what I mean.
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