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Mercato di Testaccio

About Mercato di Testaccio

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What people say

"The neighbourhood’s food market, it caters to both locals (you can catch them shopping for food between 8am-2pm) and students grabbing lunch (there is an architecture school nearby). While it’s fun to walk around the various stalls and check out the fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and bread, this is also a great place to try some of Rome’s best street food: sandwiches at Mordi e Vai, pizza at Casa Manco and fried goodies at Food Box"
"It's open every morning until 14:30 from Monday to Saturday. Here there are also some stall that prepare in the moment some of the most traditial Roman dishes such as the "Supplì" at Box 66 or the "Pizza al taglio" at the Box 22"
"This is a popular food market among the locals in Rome. Some of the food stalls are still run by families that have settled in Testaccio 150 years ago! Also, the best time to visit is around 12pm before it gets too busy. "

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