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Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate de Nice

About Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate de Nice

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What people say

"This imposing cathedral is one of the most emblematic monuments of Old Nice. It stands on the unmissable Place Rossetti, popular for its restaurant terraces and its famous Fenocchio ice cream parlor. Built in the second part of the 17th century, it was consecrated a cathedral in 1699. Today, it has become an essential monument in Nice. Its location on one of the busiest squares in the old town allows thousands of passers-by to admire its majestic beauty every day. Behind its impressive baroque architecture nestle 10 chapels as well as 3 organs. Everything is built in a style inspired by Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. By paying attention, we realize that it is built in the shape of a Latin cross oriented towards the East. In addition to being the largest sanctuary in the old town, it is also the seat of the diocese of Nice. The Sainte Réparate Cathedral is a place of prayer for the people of Nice but also a tourist point not to be missed in the heart of the city of Nice. It was classified as a Historic Monument in 1906. It was also elevated to the rank of Minor Basilica in 1949, in the same way as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona."
"This cathedral, dedicated to the patron saint of Nice, was built between 1650 and 1699. I appreciated it more for the brightly colored facade and cupula, and I loved the square right in front of it. I didn't find the building's interior to be particularly noteworthy. But that’s mostly a personal issue: I’ve visited way too many cathedrals by this time, and unless they have a very distinctive feature, they tend to meddle together in my mind. "
"A prominent landmark in the city of Nice. The interior is really stunning. Come here for a place of refuge from the heat too as it shelds you from the summer heat."

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