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Saint Domnius Bell Tower

About Saint Domnius Bell Tower

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What people say

"Construction of the Saint Domnius Bell Tower began around the year 1100 AD, making it one of the oldest structures in Split. Its long history reflects the city's architectural evolution, with Romanesque elements in its base transitioning to Gothic influences higher up. Extensive restorations in the early 20th century altered some of the original features, but the tower remains a testament to Split's enduring past. The Saint Domnius Bell Tower boasts an impressive height of 57 meters (187 feet). If you're feeling adventurous, you can climb the nearly 200 steps to the observation deck at the top. The climb can be challenging, but the panoramic views of Split and the surrounding coastline are absolutely worth the effort. Once you reach the observation deck, prepare to be captivated by breathtaking vistas. The entire city of Split unfolds before you, with the red-tiled roofs of the old town contrasting beautifully with the glistening Adriatic Sea. Spot iconic landmarks like Diocletian's Palace, Peristyle Square, and the Marjan peninsula from your unique vantage point. The bell tower is named after Saint Domnius, the patron saint of Split. Housed within the tower is the famous "Bell of Brač," the largest church bell in Dalmatia. Cast in the 18th century, the bell's deep tones have echoed through Split for centuries, marking religious festivals and special occasions."
"One of the best views of Split, if not the best! It might be a tie between this one and the top of the Marjan stairs which involves a bit of a hike to get to. It’s about 40kn to climb the tower as an adult. Which is about $8 AUD, however they’ll be switching over to the euro by Jan 2023. "
"It was constructed on the side of the already standing cathedral in the 12th Century. You can also climb the bell tower for a fee and see 360 degree views of Split Old Town."

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