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"Moray is an archaeological site characterized by its series of concentric terraced depressions. The site's purpose is uncertain; locals told me that it once served as an agricultural research station where the Incas ingeniously experimented with crop cultivation at varying altitudes. The view from the top of the site is gorgeous, but don't miss the chance to walk around the perimeter; it offers panoramic views of the Sacred Valley. A visit to Moray can be combined with a visit to the Salineras of Maras. This will result in a nice hike, starting from Urubamba, passing by Maras, and ending in Moray. The link to my hiking route is below. 🏅 ACTIVITIES The main activity in the area is to learn about the purpose of the archaeological site, although it is still not determined. Nobody knows many mysterious facts about the Incas, so people can only speculate about the real purpose. However, it's great to be there, walk around, and analyze the site, wondering why the Incas built it and for what purpose. The entry fee for Moray is 70 PEN. A better deal is to buy the Boleto Turistico for 130 PEN; this special ticket lets you visit 16 places in Cusco and the Sacred Valley area. The boleto gives you ten days to explore all these places, including Moray. 🚶‍♀️HIKING If hiking is your thing, you can go on a nice hike starting from Urubamba, where you can explore the famous Salineras of Maras and visit the Moray archaeological site at the end. The hike is 14km long with an elevation gain of 972m. Sun exposure is high; there are no opportunities to find trees on the way, so I recommend starting early in the morning when the sun is weak. No official buses or colectivos are leaving from Moray to Cusco or Pisac, but you can ask anyone in the area to give you a ride. I asked a local Peruvian, and he drove me to the Maras village, where I could easily find a colectivo to Pisac. 🚃 TRANSPORTATION You can easily find a colectivo from Cusco to Urubamba near the Grau bridge. If you are in Pisac, on the main road, you will always find colectivos to Urubamba; make a sign, and they will stop to pick you up. You must take a small moto-taxi from Urubamba to the trailhead to Maras from the bus terminal. The moto-taxi costs only 5 PEN. After you finish the hike in Moray, you need to find transportation back to Cusco. There are no official buses on the site driving people to Cusco. I asked a local Peruvian to give me a ride, and he drove me to the town of Maras, where I could easily find transportation back to Cusco. Another alternative is to ask private tour drivers to give you a ride to Maras or Cusco for a fee. Everything is negotiable in Peru, so feel free to talk to them and ask for help. It is also a great way to interact with locals. If you want to find a direct ride from Cusco or Pisac to Moray, your options are limited. The best shot is to go there with a tour agency since there is no public transportation. It is either by foot or with private transportation."
"⛰️a nice first stop on your way to explore the Sacred Valley 💫 you can explore this place in less than an hour (that's why it's better to go with a private driver) 🥩 right at the entrance, there are several food stalls here - you can try a local experience and tasty chicharrón"
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" The circular terraces look a lot like a Greek amphitheater. Moray was used as an agricultural lab for adapting crops to different environmental conditions. "
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