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Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre al Mare

About Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre al Mare

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What people say

"Gino Sorbillo is the most famous pizza maker in Naples, and there is always a line outside his pizzeria in the Centro Storico. This outpost on the Lungomare is every bit as good, and with abundant seating, its location on the seafront is a local luxury. The evening passeggiata along the Lungomare in Naples is a must-see experience for everyone who visits Naples. Young and old are out for an evening stroll, and as the sun sets along the Bay of Naples, the sky takes on a pink hue. Street vendors are often out selling trinkets and jewelry. Street musicians are often out, and groups of teenagers climb along the rocks, flirt, and take selfies. With Capri in the distance, this is the view that the Greek poet Homer had in mind as he imagined Odysseus sailing through these waters, his ears plugged and his body tied to the ship's mast so that he could resist the alluring song of the sirens. Beside Vesuvius and the view of the cities that dot the coastline toward Sorrento, you’ll see Castel dell’Ovo, site of the first Greek colony of Parthenope. Local legend says that the Roman poet Virgil buried an egg inside the castle, and if it should ever be found, the castle and Naples would be destroyed. The castle is the star of the evening passeggiata along the Lungomare at sunset, one of the most beautiful sites in Naples. Very little of historic importance is left inside the castle, but a walk along the ramparts offers exquisite views of Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. "
"I just saw this my last trip down, but didn't stop. Nice to have various locations."
"A good and classic pizza spot along the Lungomare. "

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