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Antigua Mountain Trail

About Antigua Mountain Trail

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What people say

"The Antigua Mountain Trail (or Finca El Pilar) is one of the most biodiverse spots in the whole of Guatemala. The hiking trails here will take you up through the cloud forest where you can see native birds but make sure you bring some bug spray! You can also try mountain biking in this area or there's an on-site pool where you can relax. Finca El Pilar is just a 15-minute drive from the centre of Antigua, and it's a great place to visit if you're looking to get up close to nature! "
"Kind of a hidden gem. There's a swimming pool at the entrance, and as you continue a jungle unveils itself. All sorts of plants, birds and animals. Super lovely. If you LOVE hummingbirds and Colibris, then this is the place for you, since there's a feeding station and tens of hummingbirds come to eat"
"Kind of a hidden gem in the area. The forest area surrounding the city has great opportunities to see birds, nature, flowers, and hike in a beautiful area. There are multiple trails to go along. Spend as much or as little time you want in here. "

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