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Royal Palace of Turin

About Royal Palace of Turin

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What people say

"The Royal Museums of Turin offer a fascinating itinerary of history, art and nature, bringing together in one large museum project the Royal Palace, the Royal Gardens, the Royal Library and Armory, the Savoy Gallery, the Archaeological Museum, the Sale Chiablese and the Chapel of the Shroud. A project that confirms the centrality of the city and its artistic, architectural and historical heritage on an international level: about 3 km of an extraordinary tour to relive the events of the city, from the first Roman settlement to the unification of Italy."
"This place is magic! I think I have visited three times this past year and it never gets boring and each time I tend to stay for two or three hours. The gardens are wonderful and so massive, it's educational and much better than a lot of other palaces because you are pretty much free to walk around most of the rooms. - The grounds have a cafe (it's shit) but just go to check out the beautiful crockery from the palace that lines the walls in glass cabinets. "
"Musei Reali di Torino, Royal Museums of Turin, include: The Royal Palace, Savoy Gallery, Royal Armoury, Royal Library and Archaeological Museum, Chapel of the Holy Shroud, and Chiablese Palace. Statues of the mythical twins Castor and Pollux guard the entrance of this palace built for Carlo Emanuele II around 1646, now a protected World Heritage Site, with lavish rooms that house a treasure chest of tapestries, porcelain, and canvases."

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