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La Catedrale Pasta Bar

About La Catedrale Pasta Bar

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What people say

"Oof this place was good! I tried to make a reservation, but was told to just show up and have a drink while waiting for a table, so that's what we did! The small tables along the wall represent the line for the restaurant; order a drink, it's worth the wait. The staff was very friendly and very busy. Order some of their wine (they have their own label) and don't miss the prosciutto bruschetta (you can entertain yourselves while you wait by trying to say that one 5x fast). "
"I ate here several times, my go-to being the Pear and Gorgonzola pasta which only costs 8 Euros and is super filling. Lunch you can walk in, but for dinner I would opt in for a reservation."
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