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Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

About Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

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What people say

"If you want to indulge in real Southern hospitality and culture, Mrs. Wilkes is an absolute must! Enjoy an unforgettable Southern meal shared with strangers. Every morning, Mrs. Wilkes opens its doors to a line of people hoping to sit at one of the tables set for 10. Strangers eat a meal together, and when they're done, they clean up their own dishes and go about their day. (Check out Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House Cook Book!) There are only so many seats, so make sure to get in line early!"
"Iconic old-school restaurant with fried chicken and southern sides served family style. Opens for lunch at 11, but people start lining up around 10."
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"Family-owned since 1943, this busy Southern diner serves ample lunches to guests at communal tables. Get in line before they open! "

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