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Pentland Hills Regional Park

About Pentland Hills Regional Park

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What people say

"Nestled just beyond the bustling cityscape of Edinburgh lies the serene expanse of Pentland Hills Regional Park, a verdant haven where nature's beauty reigns supreme. Stretching across rolling hills and tranquil valleys, this vast landscape offers a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts and weary urbanites alike. From leisurely strolls along winding trails to exhilarating hikes to lofty summits, the park beckons adventurers to explore its hidden treasures. With its patchwork of heather-clad moorlands, sparkling reservoirs, and ancient woodlands, Pentland Hills captivates visitors with its natural splendor and timeless charm. Whether picnicking by a babbling stream, birdwatching amidst the whispering pines, or simply savoring the sweeping vistas of the Edinburgh skyline, every moment spent in Pentland Hills Regional Park is a journey of discovery and renewal amidst the embrace of Mother Nature."
"Most remote but most rewarding. It will take you 1 hour by bus to get there but it's definitely worth it. Massive park streches forever and you can spend whole day hiking here. It'll give you sneak peak of Scottish Highlands which you should definitely visit if you have time! "

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