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Cabo de São Vicente

About Cabo de São Vicente

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What people say

"Ponte da Piedade is a natural landmark located near Lagos, in the Algarve region of Portugal. It is renowned for its breathtaking rock formations and stunning coastal views. Ponte da Piedade translates to "Piety Bridge" in English, and it refers to the majestic rock formations that resemble a bridge spanning across the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. These unique and dramatic cliffs, carved by erosion over thousands of years, have created a mesmerizing natural spectacle. Visitors can access Ponte da Piedade by descending a staircase or taking a boat tour from Lagos. Once there, they can explore the area on foot, following the wooden pathways that wind around the cliffs and offer panoramic vistas of the coastline. The rock formations include towering pillars, arches, and hidden grottoes, each revealing a different perspective of nature's artistry. The turquoise waters that surround Ponte da Piedade are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or taking a leisurely boat trip to admire the cliffs from a different perspective. Photographers and nature enthusiasts will find endless opportunities to capture the beauty of this natural wonder. The area surrounding Ponte da Piedade is also rich in marine life, making it a popular spot for diving and exploring underwater caves and tunnels. Ponte da Piedade is not only a feast for the eyes but also a place of tranquility and natural beauty. It exemplifies the awe-inspiring wonders of the Algarve coastline and is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a connection with nature's grandeur."
"For the citizens of Rome, Cape St. Vincent was the “Edge of the World”, a supernatural vortex where the setting sun was dramatically submerged by the immense, unknown ocean. "
"You can spend quite some time here walking around and taking in the views. Be careful at the cliffs though!"

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Portugal is one of the best European countries for an on the road: it's easy to get around, it enjoys an excellent climate almost all year round, the food is good and there are lots of things to do and see for all tastes. We spent 14 days in Portugal and I can tell you that there is no better choice we could have made in our life. Its wild beaches, the cliffs that will take your breath away, its villages populated by medieval houses.. Discovering Portugal by camper or car is an experience that will make you discover your spirit of freedom or above all reach all its wonders, even in the most remote places! But before traveling you need to carefully plan your itinerary and I want to show you mine! In this itinerary from north to south of Portugal I show you all the most beautiful places we have visited including beaches, villages and cities, so that you can choose which ones to see based on the time you have and your preferences. This is a 14 day itinerary but, if you have less time available you can adapt it by excluding something. The itinerary in brief: -3 days in Lisbon -Day excursion to Sintra and Cabo da Roca -Obidos and Nazaré -Aveiro and Costa Nova -2 days in Porto -Day excursion to Braga and Guimarães -Coimbra -Alentejo: Evora and Monsaraz -3 days in the Algarve: Faro, Albufeira, Lagos and Sagres. Inside you will find: 🗓️ when to go 🚊how to move 🏨 where to stay 🏛️what to visit 🍽️where to eat 🎭activities and excursions ✨unusual places And lots of other information and advice that will help you better plan your on the road... Happy reading!👀
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