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The Holburne Museum

About The Holburne Museum

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What people say

"The Holbourne Museum, located in Bath, Somerset, plays a significant role in the popular series as the grand setting for Lady Danbury's house. This Grade I–listed building, which was originally known as Sydney Gardens, is depicted as a posh London estate in the series. However, in reality, it nestles in the heart of Bath's city center. Constructed in the breathtaking Palladian-style, this building houses a vast collection of over 10,000 objects, earning it the status of Bath's first public art gallery. One of the striking features of the museum as seen in the series is its dusty pink interior wall color. This distinctive color was created on-set to ensure that the home was easily identifiable amongst the other sets and locations. The color choice was also made to fit with the look of Lady Danbury, the character whose home this represents, and to complement the costumes used in the series. The exterior of the museum, which was built in 1799 as the Sydney Hotel, also serves as the facade for Lady Danbury's mansion, adding an extra level of opulence to the character's image. The museum was originally built to house the eclectic art collection of a rich 19th-century naval officer and still retains the last remaining English pleasure garden from the 1700s. Apart from the Holbourne Museum, two other country houses - Badminton House and Wilton House, were used for the interiors of Lady Danbury’s home. Interestingly, these two houses were also used to create the interiors of the Duke of Hastings' residence, suggesting a strong connection between the two characters."
""The city's first public art gallery, the Grade I listed building is home to fine and decorative arts built around the collection of Sir William Holbourne" - The Holbourne Museum Check 'What's On' for upcoming exhibitions. Tickets £11 (without donation) "
"The Holburne Museum is located in Sydney Pleasure Gardens, Bath. It was the city's first public art gallery. Tickets cost £12.50 with free entry to guests 18 and under."

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