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Delphi Archaeological Museum

About Delphi Archaeological Museum

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What people say

"As the home of Pythia, the high priestess of Apollo, it has gained notoriety. The old name for Delphi was Pytho. Its proximity to the Gulf of Corinth is convenient. It was the city from whence ancient humanity received prophecies and other forms of direction. It’s recommended to go up to the stadium too because the views are great. The Stadium of Delphi lies on the highest spot of the Archaeological Site of Delphi. It overlooks the sanctuary of Apollo and has a view of the Delphic landscape. It was built either within the second half of the 4th century B.C. or even after the Galatian attacks. It measured 178 meters in length. The Stadium of Delphi is the best-preserved ancient stadium in Greece."
"Be sure to check out the Delphi Inscription at the exit of the museum, used to date the book of Acts. Stop for a light lunch at the museum snack shop before touring the archaeological site."
"Admission to both Archealogiccal site & museum: 6 Euros"

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