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Gjirokastra Bazaar

About Gjirokastra Bazaar

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What people say

"The Gjirokastra Bazaar, nestled within the ancient streets of Gjirokastër's old town, is a vibrant marketplace steeped in centuries of history and tradition. Dating back to the Ottoman period, this bustling bazaar has been a hub of commerce, culture, and social interaction for generations of locals and visitors alike. Wandering through its maze-like alleys and cobblestone streets, visitors are immersed in a sensory feast of sights, sounds, and smells, as vendors peddle their wares amid the backdrop of historic stone buildings and colorful awnings. From handcrafted souvenirs and traditional textiles to fresh produce and local delicacies, the Gjirokastra Bazaar offers a diverse array of goods to suit every taste and budget. Visitors can haggle with friendly merchants, sample regional specialties like baklava and qifqi (rice balls), and marvel at the craftsmanship of artisans practicing age-old trades such as carpet weaving and metalworking. Beyond its commercial offerings, the bazaar serves as a cultural crossroads where locals gather to socialize, share stories, and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of Albanian life. Whether browsing for treasures or simply soaking in the lively atmosphere, a visit to the Gjirokastra Bazaar is an unforgettable journey into the heart and soul of this historic city."
"The bazaar is mainly for tourists but doesn't loose any of its flair. Lots of goofy restaurants and little shops to buy souvenirs. Don't go there too late as some of the shops close in the afternoon. "
"You will come here anyway for a lunch."

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