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"Away from the center, but good views. "
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Venice, also known as the "City of Canals”, “The Floating City” and "Serenissima”, is a place like no other - charming through its intricate alleys and walkways over the canals, with no cars/scooters or traffic noise to spoil the romance in the air. Gondolas floating here and there, idyllic cozy terraces just around every other corner, Italian delicacies all over and relaxed people wandering about. Venice's culinary delights include Sarde in Saor, Risotto al nero di seppia (black squid ink risotto), Bigoli in salsa, Baccalà mantecato (whipped codfish), Fegato alla veneziana (liver with onions), and Risi e bisi. Don't miss cicchetti (small plates) and Tiramisu for dessert. Highlights: 🍾 Bellini is the name of a cocktail invented in Venice about 80 years ago. A Bellini consists of peaches and Prosecco (Italian version of Champagne). The peaches are squeezed and the juice is mixed with Prosecco. The glasses in which the Bellini is served have to be very cold. For the typical Venetian Bellini only white peaches are used. 🛶 A gondola is a traditional narrow and long Venetian rowing boat. The boat is steered by one person called a gondolier with the help of one long oar. Centuries ago, gondolas were the main means of transport in Venice. Now they have become a very popular tourist attraction, and perhaps the most recognisable symbol of Venice. Although a bit expensive (standard gondola rides in Venice have a fixed cost of 80 euros for a private 25-30 minutes tour. At night, however, the cost of a gondola ride is 120 euros for a private 25-30 minutes tour. If you desire to stay longer, tell the gondolier and ask for the price before the start of the tour) a gondola ride might just be the most romantic thing to do in Venice. 🥠Baicoli is a typical Venetian biscuit. The shape of the biscuit resembles that of a sea bass, hence the name - "baicoli" means "sea bass" in the Venetian dialect. Back in the old times, when Venetian sailors prepared for long journeys, the captains made sure to procure a lot of baicoli. The biscuits were used as bread, and because of being very dry, they could survive for a very long time. Baicoli are typically vanilla-flavored, and are sold in metal boxes, easy to transport and keep fresh for long. The metal boxes, in which the baicoli are sold today, carry a picture of Venetian men and women in traditional clothing of olden times. Other traditional sweets to try: Mandorlato di Cologna Veneta (especially at Christmas). 🍘 Frittelle - They are Venetian doughnuts served only during Carnival. They can be stuffed with pistachio cream, zabaione and chocolate.