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Farmacia Del Cambio

About Farmacia Del Cambio

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What people say

"Begin your first day in Turin with a delectable Italian breakfast at the Farmacia del Cambio coffee shop. It's an outstanding spot to relish the charm of Torino while enjoying your breakfast on the terrace. A typical Italian breakfast usually consists of a Cappuccino and Cornetto. Don't forget to try the "Cubo alla crema pasticcera"."
"Once a real pharmacy this has been tacked on to the Del Cambio collection. Del Cambio is a Michelin star restaurant serving since the 18th century. La Farmacia gives you a chance to try their excellence for a much better price. Brioche are fresh every morning & coffee is Lavazza. ( grab the “Marocchino” here!)"
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"Cafe in the former pharmacy with one of the best cousine as it is connected to the famous Michelin star restaurant, allocated next door. "

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