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Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Centre

About Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Centre

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What people say

"Ock Pop Tok means "East meets West" and this weaving center was founded in 2000 by a woman from each. One local, one from the UK. Set on lovely grounds along the Mekong, the center works to lift women and their families out of poverty by paying a fair price for each woven creation (clothes, purses, toys, bedding, etc.), as well as health and social security benefits. The weavers also are entitled to interest-free loans and receive an overall share of the center's profits from textiles and entrance fees. Take a tour to learn about the natural dying and weaving processes, and eat lunch at Silk Road, the onsite restaurant. "
"At Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Centre in Luang Prabang, Laos, you can delve into the vibrant world of traditional Lao textiles, witness skilled artisans at work, and take part in workshops that celebrate the country's rich textile heritage, creating a memorable and interactive cultural experience."

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