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Waroeng Bernadette Seminyak

About Waroeng Bernadette Seminyak

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What people say

"It might be an unpopular choice, but for the poor souls who decided to start in Seminyak or Kuta, you don't have the luxury of being picky as only a few places in this area deserve to be on the list. This institution has been here for 10 years and serves typical Indonesian food. To start with a snack, go with the perkedel jagung (fritters). For your first visit, go with the Rendang that made Bernadette famous (a rich dish of meat or jackfruit that has been slow-cooked and braised in coconut milk, seasoned with a herb and spice mixture over a period of several hours) – both beef and vegan options are delicious. You can also share a karedok, fresh veggies wrapped in a smooth peanut sauce. Bakso can also be an option here. Make sure to finish your meal with Dadar Gulung (a green crepe infused with pandan leaves with grated coconut inside and served with liquid palm sugar – when it is hot, it’s just irresistible. I might add in the future a list of where to find the best Dadar Gulung the island; I am obsessed with this local dessert."
"Delicious food, perfect Rendang!"

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