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Saigon Japan Town

About Saigon Japan Town

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What people say

"Here is the place to experience Japanese culture, cuisine, and lifestyle while exploring the vibrant streets of Ho Chi Minh City. I accidentally I ended up in a red-light district nearby. It seemed pretty far from the main street, tucked away in the back alleys. There were lots of small roads leading there. In that area, you could see plenty of bars, and women in sexy outfits were hanging around outside the stores, trying to get people, especially men, to come inside. If you're a woman solo traveling, I think you should be careful because of the dark alleys there."
"Located in District 1, this small section of Saigon looks like the back alley ways of Shinjuku, Japan. It is a beautiful place to take picture in the evening. You can find all manner of Japanese food here but do beware of the "massage parlours" opening at night. "

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