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Tennessee Valley Trailhead

About Tennessee Valley Trailhead

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What people say

"Hike distance: 5.1 miles Elevation gain: 872 ft. The Tennessee Valley Trail is an easy and popular hike thanks to the fact that it’s a pretty flat walk with minimal hills and maximum views. The trail winds through coastal hills and though it starts out paved, turns into a dirt path after about half a mile. Ultimately, you’ll end up at a tiny beach that’s sandwiched between bluffs on either side. If you want to make the hike a little more challenging, you can take the Fox Trail to the Coast Trail for a 5 mile loop.  A definite highlight of this hike has to be the beaches - there's a small beach called Pirate's Cove, which is nestled at about the 2.5 mile mark if you're taking the loop. The other, more frequented beach, is Tennessee Beach mentioned above. "

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