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Basilica of San Domenico

About Basilica of San Domenico

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What people say

"The basilica is home to some absolute treasures, none more so than the altar sculptures by Michelangelo, While the exterior is austere in the Romanesque style, the interior is most definitely Baroque, extravagantly and opulently decorated. Look out for the huge marble sarcophagus which houses the relics of the saint, impressive in itself but more so for the sculptural figures which surround it. These include three hidden works by Michelangelo: the two figures of San Petronio and San Procolo and the angel candle-holder figure, all of whom can be found at the back of the tomb alongside others by Nicola Pisano. "
"Basilica di San Domenico is dedicated to St. Dominic, founder of the order of Dominican friars. He’s also credited with creating the rosary. The church includes work by Michelangelo."
"The price for entering this church is less than 1 €."

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