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Natural Monument Semuc Champey

About Natural Monument Semuc Champey

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What people say

"This place had to be my favorite place we visited in all of Guatemala. Just the natural beauty of it… I could lounge in those pools all day. Here you basically have two options: do the tour or explore on your own. We opted to explore on our own and take our time. It was such a fun day. The one thing we missed out on (which I learned later from some friends) is that if you do the tour the guide will show you some secret caverns that you can swim underwater to. There’s air pockets so you can breathe in a little cave. Aside from that, we got the full experience and just hung out here for many hours playing and swimming in the pools. "
"Semuc Champey is one the most stunning places to see in all of Guatemala. You can book transportation or a tour to take you there from Lanquín. Upon arriving at Semuc Champey, purchase your entrance ticket and embark on your adventure. Take a short hike to the viewpoint for breathtaking views of the cascading turquoise pools. Dive into the refreshing pools for a swim or go tubing down the River. You can also explore the nearby caves, such as the Kan'ba Cave, which involves swimming, climbing, and exploring the underground passages."
"Semuc Champey, a hidden paradise, boasts crystal-clear natural pools cascading over limestone formations. Adventure seekers can tube through caves and hike to stunning vistas. This off-the-beaten-path destination captures the essence of Guatemala's natural beauty."

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