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Walking Trail - Rocha da Relva

About Walking Trail - Rocha da Relva

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What people say

"PRC20 SMI - Rocha da Relva is a 3.3-mile, out-and-back, cliff trail along the southwest coast of São Miguel. It takes you to a hidden village that's only accessible by foot (or donkey!). The beginning of the trail is open and wide. You'll reach a fork where you have to decide whether to head right to Rocha da Relva or left to Rocha do Cascalho (a shorter, but steeper, trail to another hidden village). The trail narrows, curves more, and becomes steeper as you descend to Rocha da Relva. You'll pass small summer houses made of basalt rocks, wine cellars, orchards, and lots of cats before it levels out along the water. There are bathrooms, picnic tables, a shrine to Nossa Senhora dos Anjos (Our Lady of the Angels), and interesting bits of history down here. Take your time, enjoy the view, and drink lots of water. You have to climb back up that steep trail. If you have any energy left, you can now take the second trail down to Rocha do Cascalho. This is a gorgeous, though exhausting, hike."

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Unnamed Road, 9500, 9500-000 Relva, Portugal
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