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Travertine Hot Springs

About Travertine Hot Springs

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What people say

"There are a couple of different pools around the area, but the one with the four main pools has only one that gets warm/hot. It has the most significant water trickle, so it makes sense why that is the hottest. If you walk past it down the trail you’ll find other little pools as well. I personally haven't been in any other pool other than the main one but have seen people in others! The photo of me in the red bikini - the pool to the left is the warm one. "
"Known for its unique limestone rock formations, this hot spring is worth a stop. The pools can get pretty hot, so make sure you test the waters before you get in. You’ll follow a dirt road to the parking area, and from there you can walk to the pools. There are also a set of pools lower on the hill past the main ones that don’t have the limestone formations, but are beautiful all the same."

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