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Miradouro do Pico do Carvão

About Miradouro do Pico do Carvão

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What people say

"As you start to leave Ponta Delgada en route to the Lagoa das Sete Cidades (Lagoon of the Seven Cities), you'll drive through vast farmland and then start climbing into the volcanic hills on the northwest side of São Miguel. The Miradouro do Pico do Carvão (Pico do Carvão Viewpoint) is one of the first stops on the narrow, winding road. Here, at 2,600 feet above sea level, you have a panoramic view of São Miguel, the largest island in the Azores. From the lookout point, you can see volcanic cones, blue lakes, the island's north and south coasts, and the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds it. Fingers crossed for a clear day! Parking: If you're driving uphill, there's a dirt pull-off on the right side of the road. Everyone will be taking pictures on the left along the wood railing."
"Quick stop offering panoramic views of São Miguel's central region, capturing both its north and south coastlines."

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