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Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

About Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

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What people say

"The Donkey Sanctuary Aruba is one of the island's best family-friendly activities. This non-profit organization provides a safe and loving home for over 130 donkeys. Visitors can learn about the donkeys, feed them, and even pet them. The sanctuary offers guided tours, as well as a cozy visitor center with donkey-themed gifts and souvenirs. Visitors can also purchase food pellets to feed the donkeys. The Donkey Sanctuary Aruba is a great place to learn about these gentle creatures and to support their care. It's also a lot of fun for kids and adults alike!"
"Let's talk about The Donkey Sanctuary in Aruba โ€“ their main gig is creating a safe haven for the local donkey crew. They're all about protecting and rehabilitating these animals, many of whom have been left stranded or mistreated. Now, the cool part โ€“ no admission fee. You can swing by, learn about their mission, and spend some time with the donkeys without any entry cost. And if you're feeling generous, donations are very welcome. It's a chance to support their cause and connect with these lovable creatures."
"There is not much to it- just a lot of donkeys! Definitely a place to visit if you are going with kids."

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Bringamosa 2-Z, Santa Cruz, Aruba
+297 593 2933
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