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Bushiribana Ruins

About Bushiribana Ruins

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What people say

"Most island tours stop at the Bushiribana Gold Smelter Ruins, so if you want to get cool pics from the window frames looking out to sea without getting photobombed by tourists, go very early morning so you can have the ruins to yourself. The ruins are located in the arid region of Aruba, about a 20-minute drive east of downtown or Palm Beach. They appear like a mirage out of the barren land, making for a stunning photo opportunity. Visitors are welcome to climb up to the ruins (wear closed-toe shoes) and take photographs. The ruins are open to the public and the attraction is free of charge. The surrounding scenery of wild waves crashing on the coast is also photo-worthy, so be sure to bring your camera. While you're here, stop at the Happy Stop Food Truck, which is always parked at the ruins. The food truck serves up a variety of great fare, including local dishes, cold beer, and smoothies."
"Time to dive into Aruba's history at the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. These are like the leftovers from Aruba's gold mining days โ€“ a slice of the past that's pretty intriguing. You can stroll around, take it all in, and maybe pick up a thing or two about the island's story. And here's the kicker โ€“ no need to dig into your pockets for admission. It's an open invite to explore the Gold Mill Ruins without spending anything."

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