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Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

About Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

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What people say

"Take in the views in and outside of Florence's famous Duomo. You must make a reservation in advance. You cannot just walk up and get in line for the dome. In order to do the dome climb, purchase the Brunelleschi Ticket online, and you will be prompted to reserve a time slot. Tickets for the dome climb can sell out several days in advance, so we recommend making your reservation about a week in advance, maybe even sooner, to make sure you get a time slot. The Brunelleschi Ticket also covers the other sites of the Duomo complex (including Giotto’s Bell Tower, mentioned next) and you have 3 days to visit everything."
"I think I just stood gawking at the outside of this building for a good 30 mins it's so spectacular. It’s free to enter, but there are multiple lines so it gets confusing. If you’re looking at the main entrance of the church, the line to right is for entry to the cathedral. The line on the left side thats more towards the back of the church is for climbing to the top of the dome, which is quite gorgeous. You will need tickets to that part and they are timed entry, so purchase in advance! I’d recommend the Brunelleschi pass, which gets you the climb but also access to several of the other sights in the larger complex."
"Covered head to toe in colorful marble, this Cathedral complex is perhaps most famous for its enormous dome. Brunelleschi’s innovative design was one of the crowning achievements of the Renaissance. Around the square you’ll also find other touches from masters of the time including Giotto’s tower, the elaborate baptistery doors by Ghiberti & Pisano, the dome frescoes by Vasari, an unique sunset-based clock, and more. 💡 Tip: Make sure to book your tickets in advance! You'll have different lines / tickets for the dome, campanile, church, and baptistery. Consider going with a guide to get expedited access to all."

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