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Takumi Kaiseki 匠 Bali

About Takumi Kaiseki 匠 Bali

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What people say

"The first delightful surprise at Takumi is its chef, Daijiro! Not only is he the perfect host, but he is also a talented individual with an incredible past and undoubtedly an even more promising future. I highly recommend opting for the omakase tasting menu; this way, you'll have the chance to spend the entire dinner at the counter in front of Chef Daijiro, experiencing his culinary magic firsthand. Everything was spot on, delivering the expected excellence of kaiseki cuisine—seasonal dishes with subtle yet rich flavors, brimming with umami. The only slight letdown for me was the A5 wagyu-don (TKG) and the dessert (Mizugashi), but the rest of the menu meet expectations. I also suggest trying the chef-homemade umeshu for aperitif and pairing the rest of the meal with Nigori (unfiltered sake). While it's undeniably an expensive experience, for a Japanese food enthusiast like myself, it's worth (almost) every penny."

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