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SACRED RICE Restaurant

About SACRED RICE Restaurant

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What people say

"This hidden gem, tucked away from the center of Ubud, is truly worth a visit—it's akin to the Garden of Eden in Bali, where rice replaces the sacred apple. Naturally, you must indulge in a rice dish harvested in the paddy fields near the restaurant, such as the jeweled fried rice with dried fruits, nuts, and pineapple, or simply opt for the steamed Balinese rice. To complement the rice, consider the organic pumpkin, roasted eggplant, vegetable fritters, Lombok barramundi, and slow-cooked beef with caramelized coconut. Adjacent to the restaurant, they have fields where they harvest organic fruits and veggies, which are evidently used in their dishes. That's precisely why I prioritize recommending the vegetable dishes—they truly showcase the freshness of their organic produce."

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