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Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport

About Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport

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"Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU) is the largest airport in Slovenia. It opened in 1963, was bombed after Slovenia declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, and expanded after the country joined the European Union in 2007. It now has flights arriving from all over Europe, the Middle East, Egypt, and Turkey. Expect a modern terminal, quick security lines, and great views of the Alps. Buses depart for Ljubljana, Kranj, and Bled right outside."
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""Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (Slovene: Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana), is the international airport serving Ljubljana and the largest airport in Slovenia. It is located near Brnik, 24 km (15 mi) northwest of Ljubljana.""

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Emerald rivers. Glacial lakes. Hidden karsts. Historic cities. Snow-capped peaks. Sun-drenched beaches. Undiscovered wine regions. Untouched forests. You don't have to traipse all over Europe. The little country of Slovenia features everything you love about the continent in one place. So it's even been nicknamed Little Europe. Start in the Dragon City. Ljubljana survived Roman, Habsburg, and Yugoslavian rule to become one of the greenest capitals in Europe. Then start exploring hidden caves, medieval towns, scenic drives, and a tiny sliver of coastline. There are adventure sports, award-winning restaurants, grand castles, and stunning views along the way. You'll quickly wonder why it's taken you so long to get here. The Slovenia Guide works as a great circular road trip through Western Slovenia. Start in Ljubljana, drive north toward the Austrian border, head west toward the Italian border, circle through wine country, and end up back in the capital. This detailed guide includes: Places: cities, neighborhoods, towns Stay: hotels, resorts Eat: cafés, ice cream, Michelin stars, pizzerias, restaurants Drink: lounges, wine bars, wineries Shop: antique markets, toy stores Do: bell towers, boat tours, bridges, castles, cathedrals, chapels, churches, city models, fountains, funiculars, hikes, history museums, information centers, islands, lakes, libraries, monuments, mountains, mountain ranges, national parks, parks, puppet museums, rivers, roads, squares, statues, streams, ticket offices, valleys, viewpoints, waterfalls Transportation: airports, parking lots
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