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Rainforest Adventures St Maarten - Rockland Estate

About Rainforest Adventures St Maarten - Rockland Estate

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What people say

"Spot for the adventurers🥳 I wanted to try the zipline but it was hurricane season and it was closed because there was the hurricane warning for that weekend🤭😢 As I know, this one is one of the steepest amd longest ziplines in the world. If I go again it will be at the top of my to do list🤩 UPDATE I have experienced it, it was awesome💙 the view was beautiful, the feeling was amazing. after a slow slooow teleferic with a nice ciew for 20 öinutes, you reach the top part. You can jump back at that moment, but I suggest you to have some time at the top. There is also a bar over there which has great coctails🍹 If you do not have any fear about height, you should definitely try it. It is one of the best things that you can spend yout 100 $ on🌸 Also there are some other areas, a smaller zipline, a trekking area, etc. Also there is a club nearby called Elev8, they are organizing sunset parties with the gorgeous view at the top of the mountain. I bought the tickets before I bought my plane ticket but it was also cancelled because of the hurricane warning. Will be item two for my to do list next time🗒️"
"This is the ULTIMATE excursion spot! For $139 they offer the BIG 3 (Zip lining, Tubing, and the Flying Dutchman). They also include a historical tour of the plantation. It takes about 3 hours to complete all activities so be prepared to be here for a while! "
"Choose between an exhilarating zipline ride or a scenic chairlift offering stunning island views. Costs range from $50-$120 per person."

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